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A Traveler’s Guide To America’s Dairyland

A Traveler’s Guide To America’s Dairyland

Our Discover Wisconsin – America’s Dairyland series identifies the dairy industry as a key component of what makes Wisconsin great. Whether profiling career options for today’s youth, showcasing culinary professionals who depend on Wisconsin cheese, or telling you where to find all of the great Wisconsin tastes and great Wisconsin events, there’s no place like America’s Dairyland!

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A Traveler’s Guide To America’s Dairyland

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  • Burnett Diary Co-op Learn

    Burnett Dairy Cooperative has its roots in the Branstad and Wood River creameries. These two creameries had a long tradition of serving dairy producers. (A creamery skims off all the butter fat to make and sell butter and provides dairy farmers a way to sell their products.) The Branstad Creamery was the third creamery in Burnett county and started operations on May 13, 1897. The Wood Lake Creamery (renamed the Wood River Creamery) was started June 9, 1896.

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  • Foster Cheese Haus Learn

    Visit the Foster Cheese Haus and taste Chippewa Valley’s best wood fired pizza made from fresh cheese from local dairies and herbs grown on site in season. All products sold are Wisconsin’s own. Wood Fired Pizzas can be ordered to go.

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  • Henning’s Cheese Learn

    Whether you’re looking for a specialty cheese, a block of the finest Cheddar, or a 12,000 pound mammoth wheel, you’ve come to the right place. Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese is a fourth generation family owned cheese factory based in rural Kiel, Wisconsin that features an on-site cheese store and museum. Henning’s offers a wide variety of cheese, including Cheddars & Colbys that have won many national and world awards. Take a ride through the Wisconsin rural countryside and experience Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese for yourself.

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  • Kelley Country Creamery – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    Kelley Country Creamery’s old-fashioned premium ice cream is crafted in our new Creamery on our dairy farmstead that has been part of the Kelley family since 1861. The Kelley family has been churning homemade ice cream as a treat for generations, and now we are finally sharing our passion for great ice cream with other ice cream lovers like you. We use the farm-fresh, non-homogenized milk from our cows and carefully craft it with the recipes I have perfected, combine it with top quality local ingredients, and of course, Kelley TLC, to create premium ice cream that truly tastes homemade.

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  • Meister Cheese Company, LLC Learn

    The Meister-family cheesemaking tradition began as long ago as 1916, when our grandfather began making cheese in Southwestern Wisconsin. Our father moved the Meister Cheese Company to Muscoda in 1966, over 40 years ago. A large part of our dad’s legacy is Muscoda Protein Products. He was the first in Southwestern Wisconsin to see the potential for processing “waste” whey into protein and lactose. In this sense alone, our father was a most extraordinary dairy entrepreneur in a state filled with the best of them.

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  • Nordic Creamery Learn

    We offer a variety of handcrafted cheeses and butters made from some of the best and freshest goat’s and cow’s milk in the region. Our Cheeses include: Aged Cheddar Cheese, Mild Cheddar Cheese, Capriko Cheese, Capriko Smoked Cheese, Feddost Cheese, Mild Cheddar Smoked Cheese, Mountain Jack Cheese. We also offer a wide variety of butters: Cultured Butter with Sea Salt, Spesiell Kremen Butter, Summer Butter, Harvest Butter, Maple Syrup Butter, Cinnamon-Sugar Butter, Garlic and Basil Butter and Pepper Butter. Our goat and cow’s milk have met the highest standards in Wisconsin.

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  • Sassy Cow Creamery Learn

    Sassy Cow Creamery is a farmstead milk bottling business that opened its doors in 2008 on the Baerwolf family farm located seven miles north of Sun Prairie. The site for the creamery was chosen between both dairy herds so that all processing could be done in one convenient location. We are located only fifteen minutes north of Madison and just seven miles north of Sun Prairie off of Hwy N.

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  • Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese Learn

    Located in Door County, the Peninsular Jewel of Wisconsin, we feature the largest selection of handmade Wisconsin Artisan Cheese. We represent over 30 artisan cheesemakers from America’s Dairyland. Our stores also feature some of the finest dry cured artisan meats found anywhere, a foodie’s delight. We offer cheese boards, sandwiches, handcrafted beer, wine, and a wide array of other delectable marketplace delights that can be enjoyed on our outdoor patio. Stop by or shop online!

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  • Scray Cheese Company Learn

    Scray Cheese is a family owned artisan manufacturer of Cheddar, Spiced Cheddars, Edam, Fontina, and Gouda cheese, located in De Pere, Wisconsin. The factory first opened in 1924 and has continued to perfect the art of Wisconsin cheese making through the years.

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  • The Cheese Board Learn

    Shop for all of your cheese-related gifts and accessories.

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  • West’s Hayward Dairy & Ice Cream Cafe Learn

    Contact the Dairy for Delivery of Milk, Ice Cream and Dairy Products throughout the Hayward Lakes Area. Homemade Premium Ice Cream, Rich Malts, Sundaes, Italian Coffees, Smoothie Bar, Fresh Grilled Sandwiches.

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