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America’s Dairyland – A Whole Latte Love

America’s Dairyland – A Whole Latte Love

In Italy it’s called Cappuccino, in France it’s called Cafe Latte, and in South America it’s called Café con leche. Here in America we have a few names for it—Joe, Mud, Java, but when milk is added, it becomes nothing short of a gourmet beverage. In this episode we’ll explore all the different ways milk and coffee have come together to create a beverage that is now more of a social drink than a morning jolt!

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America’s Dairyland – A Whole Latte Love

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  • Eagle River Roasters Learn

    Not everyone can roast coffee over a flame and get it right. We can. True, it takes skill to cook over a flame – but hey, the flavor is worth the effort. We feel that way about our coffee.

    Learn more about Eagle River Roasters
  • Alterra Coffee Learn

    Through hard work, dedication and a continual commitment to strive for the best, ALTERRA gives you great quality coffee with distinctive big flavor.

    Learn more about Alterra Coffee
  • Badger Brothers Coffee Learn

    We use a state-of-the-art Sivetz single pass fluid bed roaster to allow a high degree of control in the roasting process. Our roaster removes chaff during the roasting process to give the coffee a cleaner taste with significantly less bitterness. We never roast more coffee than we can use in a short period of time. This ensures coffee freshness and quality.

    Learn more about Badger Brothers Coffee
  • Cafe Wren Learn

    Café Wren is a unique environment where folks gather to enjoy delicious thoughtfully made food from fresh local ingredients.

    Learn more about Cafe Wren
  • Emy J’s Learn

    We have been in business since 1992 and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service.

    Learn more about Emy J’s
  • Sassy Cow Creamery Learn

    Sassy Cow Creamery is a farmstead milk bottling business that opened its doors in 2008 on the Baerwolf family farm located seven miles north of Sun Prairie. The site for the creamery was chosen between both dairy herds so that all processing could be done in one convenient location. We are located only fifteen minutes north of Madison and just seven miles north of Sun Prairie off of Hwy N.

    Learn more about Sassy Cow Creamery
  • Zinger Coffee Learn

    Zinger’s is a locally owned, double sided, drive-thru. The first of its kind in the area. We cater to the busy lifestyle with the convenience of a drive-thru with fast friendly service.

    Learn more about Zinger Coffee