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America’s Dairyland – Our History Continues

America’s Dairyland – Our History Continues

As Ed Janus states in his book, Creating Dairyland, Wisconsin’s current landscape ‘is the result of bringing humans and cows together’. Taking care of the cow, and revering her would bring prosperity to the state. Meet just a few of the farm families that hold dear to that mindset, and learn how their love of the land, their cows, and their progressive spirit keeps the state economically strong, and endearingly beautiful to look upon. They are just a few of the people who have sown the seeds of America’s Dairyland.  Discover America’s Dairyland for yourself with more Wisconsin events featuring Wisconsin cheese.

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America’s Dairyland – Our History Continues

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  • Wisconsin Historical Society: Creating Dairyland Learn

    The story of dairying in Wisconsin is the story of how our very landscape and way of life were created. By making cows the center of our farm life and learning how to care for them, our ancestors launched a revolution that changed much more than the way farmers earned their living – it changed us.

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  • Creating Dairyland by Edward Janus Learn

    Creating Dairyland begins with a brief history of how and especially why Wisconsin farmers learned to care for cows. Understanding these remarkable beginnings – the “big bang” of dairying in our state – explains much about who we are today. This tremendous effort of the progressive spirit (The Wisconsin Idea) was followed by a very rapid inflationary expansion that created the stable universe of dairy agriculture today.

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  • Laura Daniels’s Blog Learn

    Laura Daniels blogs about being a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer, a mom, and trying to live out her values of gentleness, reliability, and a positive attitude in all that she does.

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  • Sid Cook / Carr Valley Cheese Learn

    Carr Valley Cheese is one of America’s finest specialty cheese plants. From traditional classics like expertly aged Cheddar Cheese to award-winning American Originals like Cocoa Cardona and Gran Canaria, our skilled cheesemakers turn milk delivered fresh from local dairy farms into more than 100 delicious cheese varieties.

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  • Crave Brothers Learn

    Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics are specialty cheeses produced on the farm with fresh, high quality milk from the Crave Brothers Dairy Farm. They are crafted with great care, using old world techniques. Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics are the cheese craver’s choice!

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  • Klessig’s Farm / Saxon Creamery Learn

    In 1848, our ancestors from Saxony, Germany sailed across the ocean in search of land and opportunity. Their formidable journey brought them to the rich lakeshore soils of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. On these fertile soils began the family legacy of dairy farming. Cattle grazing on lush spring, summer and autumn grasses produced more milk than the family needed. By 1870, they were making cheese to preserve and share their milk.

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