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Lodi & Lake Wisconsin, WI

Lodi & Lake Wisconsin, WI

Home of Susie the Duck, Lodi has always been closely connected to water from Spring Creek running through town to Lake Wisconsin, water is what first drew settlers in and continues to draw visitors in today. A true hidden oasis between Madison & Wisconsin Dells, Lodi is a quiet getaway where you’ll find historic and unique events, eclectic downtown shopping, and tons of fun things to experience on Lake Wisconsin.

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Lodi & Lake Wisconsin, WI

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  • Lake Wisconsin Maps See

    Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River Valley. Click on icons to see more information about businesses and attractions in the area, get directions, or link to websites.

    Learn more about Lake Wisconsin Maps
  • Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Restaurants Eat

    Click here for a list of Lodi and Lake Wisconsin restaurants, and their special events!

    Learn more about Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Restaurants
  • Guppy Getaway Resort Stay

    Guppy Getaway Resort is located at N2501 Rapp Road on beautiful Lake Wisconsin. Enjoy the 10,000 acre lake for boating, fishing, or swimming. Our rocked shoreline has a sandy bottom and is shallow enough for all ages to enjoy. We are in walking distance of area restaurants and a short drive from many local attractions. Check out our website for all the information and reserve a cabin today.

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  • Smokey Hollow Campground Learn

    Nestled in the hollows of beautiful Wisconsin, Smokey Hollow Campground offers something for everyone.

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  • Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area See

    Rising 200 feet above the surrounding landscape, Gibraltar Rock is a flat-topped butte, an outlier of the Magnesian escarpment. With a thin Platteville-Galena dolomite cap over St. Peter sandstone, the butte offers panoramic views of the Wisconsin River Valley and Lake Wisconsin. Soils are thin, glaciated sandy loams. On the south is a sheer rock face overlooking a large leather-leaf bog and scenic valley. A major portion of the site is a dry mesic forest dominated by red oak and basswood. Cliff communities are mostly open and harbor several species of ferns, pale corydalis, columbine, and cliff goldenrod. On the bluff top is an area dominated by red cedar with an understory of dry prairie. Species include big and little blue-stem, side oats grama, prairie drop-seed, blue eyed grass, bird’s foot violet, pasque flower, prairie smoke, lead-plant, bergamot, whorled milkweed, goldenrods, and asters. The site is used by migrating raptors, which catch thermals formed by the warm cliff face. Gibraltar Rock was originally owned by Columbia County, which transferred ownership to the DNR in 2007. It was designated a State Natural Area in 1969.

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  • Ice Age Trail: Lodi Segment Play

    The Ice Age Trail in this region passes through some unique geological features and diverse ecological habitats, giving hikers an excellent experience of glacially shaped valleys, bluffs and drumlins while passing through prairies, savannas and woodlands.

    Learn more about Ice Age Trail: Lodi Segment
  • Lodi Agricultural Fair Play

    Music, raffles, food, softball, demolition derby, tractor/truck pull, exhibits, horse pull, carnival rides … the Lodi Ag Fair offers something for everyone!

    Learn more about Lodi Agricultural Fair
  • Lodi Curling Club Play

    Curling is believed to have started in Lodi in the 1860′s. At this time, local sawmills were turning out wooden blocks of poplar or oak, and metal handles were attached with molten lead. Such early “blocks” would occasionally be unearthed, often by area farmers tilling the soil for planting.

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  • Lodi Area Shopping shop

    Discover more of downtown Lodi’s shopping here!

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  • Lodi Sausage Company shop

    Established in 1939, Lodi Sausage Co. & Meat Market is family owned – with a motto of quality comes first. Great sausage begins with quality lean meats and award winning recipes. We specialize in sausage making, catering, and custom processing of beef, pork, and venison.

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  • Merrimac Ferry See

    The Merrimac Ferry is a ferry that crosses the Wisconsin River between Columbia and Sauk Counties in Wisconsin. Its western point is located near the village of Merrimac on State Highway 113. The eastern point is located in Okee, Wisconsin.

    Learn more about Merrimac Ferry
  • Susie the Duck Day Play

    Lodi’s nickname is Home of Susie the Duck, and Susie has been the town’s official mascot since 1948. Where Spring Creek crosses Main Street (Wis. Hwy 113) in downtown Lodi, there is a small creekside park where visitors can buy dried corn from vending machines to feed the often present wild ducks. In this area is a small stone basket, inscribed with the name of former Lodi resident Engle Knerzer, and every year, invariably, a duck builds a nest there. When the first mallard settled in that location in 1948, it was nicknamed “Susie” by Jean Kasuboski (nee: Breunig) the granddaughter of the police chief William Breunig.

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  • Treinen Farm See

    The land around our beautiful pond and limestone bluff has been treasured by many generations of people, with evidence of Native American campsites here from as long ago as 6000 years or more. Solomon Gottschall homesteaded the farm in 1856. He first built a log home near the pond. Then, during the Civil War, he built the first frame house on the property (part of which still sits at the farm entrance.) His son Everett Gottschall built the big red barn, which is still in use. Alan’s grandfather purchased the farm in the early 1920′s, and he and his wife built the brick farmhouse that the Treinen family lives in today.

    Learn more about Treinen Farm
  • Fitz’s on the Lake Eat

    Lake Wisconsin’s BEST Restaurant and Sports Bar Located Along the Shores of Lake Wisconsin mid-way Between Lodi and the Merrimac Ferry”. Tradition in the area to enjoy great food with a scenic view of Lake Wisconsin; Fitz’s on the Lake doesn’t disappoint on either count.

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  • Moxon Insurance Learn

    An independent agency offering Financial, Health and Life planning and products from many companies and providing Affordable Health Care Solutions for All Ages.

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  • Weber’s Bakery Eat

    Weber’s Bakery is a Swiss German style bakery, located in beautiful downtown Lodi, Wisconsin started in 1921 by John Weber and his wife Elizabeth. We strive to bring the best products to our customers while preserving the heritage of three generations by using recipes perfected over the years.

    Learn more about Weber’s Bakery