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Wisconsin Harbor Towns – Lake Michigan

Wisconsin Harbor Towns – Lake Michigan

It’s the sixth largest lake in the world and there are over 500 hundred miles of shoreline to explore in Wisconsin. From scuba diving and charter fishing to sandy beaches and visiting the historic lighthouses that helped guide ships ashore, there’s plenty to see and do on the lake. Plus quite a few harbor towns call the coast of Lake Michigan home, each one offering something special.

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Wisconsin Harbor Towns – Lake Michigan

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  • Travel Green Wisconsin Learn

    Get more information about the Travel Green Wisconsin program.

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  • Wisconsin Clean Marina Learn

    The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program provides guidance and education that enable marina and boatyard operators to protect the resources that sustain their livelihood — clean water, clean air, and healthy fish and wildlife communities. These natural assets are essential features of the boating industry. After all, many boaters are drawn to the water by nature’s glory. Boaters want to ply clean waters, catch and eat healthy fish and enjoy water sports without fear of water-borne diseases.

    Learn more about Wisconsin Clean Marina
  • Wisconsin Harbor Towns Learn

    Wisconsin Harbor Towns Association (WHTA) is proud to represent our 18 member communities. Dotted along 1,100 magnificent miles of scenic coastline, from sophisticated cities to quaint fishing villages, Wisconsin’s harbor towns feature a unique smorgasbord of outdoor recreation, museums, shopping, arts, dining and relaxing scenery. The WHTA, a non-profit organization of these communities, was formed in the summer of 2000. Our mission is to invite you to enjoy yourself on and along the waters we call home.

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  • Lucky Lure Charters of Racine Play

    Come aboard and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Captain Bill Harris has over 35 years experience of fishing trout and salmon off of the port of Racine. Captain Bill is fully licensed by the United States Coast Guard. The Gertie III is 28’ 8

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  • Lake Michigan Lighthouses See

    Experience the lure of the lighthouses.

    Learn more about Lake Michigan Lighthouses
  • Lake Michigan Water Trail Play

    Water trails are paths along rivers and coastlines that provide recreational users (such as kayakers, sailors, boaters, and anglers) with information on access points, safety considerations, activities, and points of interest.

    Learn more about Lake Michigan Water Trail
  • Lakeshore State Park Play

    Lakeshore State Park is open year-round from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Anglers, visitors traveling through the park on designated trails and registered guests at the marina leaving or returning to their boats may be in the park at other times.

    Learn more about Lakeshore State Park
  • Mariners Trail Map (PDF) Learn

    Download your own copy of the Mariners Trail map and get pedaling today!

    Learn more about Mariners Trail Map (PDF)
  • Rock Island State Park Play

    Two ferry rides are needed to reach Rock Island State Park. Take Wisconsin Highway 42 to its end at Northport, the tip of the Door County Peninsula. Take the Washington Island Ferry to Washington Island. The ferry carries people, vehicles, bicycles and freight. From the Washington Island ferry landing, travel across the island to the northeast side to the Rock Island ferry landing. Leave your vehicle or bike there and take the passengers-only Rock Island Ferry to Rock Island.

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  • Wisconsin Shipwrecks See

    Leave the modern world behind, and visit Wisconsin when schooners and steamers ruled the Great Lakes. By studying shipwrecks, one develops an appreciation for the critical role these vessels played in the development of the region and a respect for the men and women that worked the lakes. There is no other way to get so close to history.

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  • Port Washington See

    Where we offer a touch of New England charm combined with midwestern friendliness. Explore the city’s beauty and history on the shore of Lake Michigan, just 30 miles north of Milwaukee. Enjoy walking tours of the downtown historic district and harbor. You

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