Mauston – Four Seasons Of Fun Episode

The key to Mauston’s four seasons of fun starts with the fourth largest lake in Wisconsin, Castle Rock Lake. Providing year round recreation, sporting activities and natural beauty, this lake is home to Buckhorn State Park and provides a wonderful place to vacation. You can stop by tons of restaurants around the lake, including the Dirty Turtle or South Shore, for some tasty treats. And your taste buds won’t get any rest soon as you make your way through Mauston! Sample some wine at Burr Oak and fresh Wisconsin cheese curds at Carr Valley Cheese, then order a hot or frozen pie from Kozy’s Pizza and pick up some fresh-made Landjaeger at Wisconsin River Meats. Take a ride with the Prime Time Jimmy Kline scenic motorcycle trip through the bluff countryside of Mauston, wave to Santa in his festive sleigh during the Christmas Parade and get the kids dressed up and ready for a fun time at the Pumpkin Bash. Watch this episode of Discover Wisconsin and see why the Mauston area is a must-see destination, year-round!