The Cat Island Chain Restoration Project in Green Bay Story

The Cat Island chain was an important natural habitat in Green Bay that basically vanished in the 1970s due to erosion. Thanks to 40 years of hard work on the local and national levels, including research and funding from the UW Sea Grant housed at UW-Madison, these islands are once again teeming with wildlife.

George Poage: The First Black American to Medal in the Olympics Story

A Badger to the core, this La Crosse native overcame every obstacle stacked against him: He was the first black American to medal in the modern Olympics. And chances are, you’ve never even heard of him. Despite growing up during the Jim Crow era, George Coleman Poage found academic and athletic success. While a student, he ran track for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later, competed at the 1904 Olympics. The rest is history.

8 Unique Wisconsin Cheeseburgers Episode

Cheeseburgers…that all-American comfort food is the focus today! From different cheeses to different meats and toppings, this fan favorite is showcasing the best of what Wisconsin offers.
Host Eric Paulsen traveled the state to find 8 Unique Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, and Wisconsin didn’t disappoint! Each specialty cheeseburger had something different to offer from locally sourced ingredients, to award-winning specialty cheeses and different types of meats. These chef-inspired cheeseburgers are bound to please your taste buds.

Wisconsin’s Edible Experiences Episode

Festivals are a great way to get together with family or friends to enjoy Wisconsin’s Edible Experiences featuring our signature product; Cheese! Wisconsin’s festivals are a foodie’s dream come true with it’s bounty of locally raised food and award-winning cheese. Our state has countless edible experiences from beer, wine & cheese festivals, to gatherings that celebrate chefs and local food. Many of these festivals celebrate our state’s signature product; cheese! We traveled to events like Cheesetopia, Yum Yum Fest, Between the Bluffs Beer Wine & Cheese Festival, Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest, Kohler Food & Wine Experience and a Farm to table dinner all featuring Wisconsin specialty cheese!