Portage County – “By Our Very Nature” Promo

On this episode of Discover Wisconsin we’re doing Portage County as it’s never been done before. The history of this area stands forefront in its communities and we’ll show you how because you may have missed it… even if it is right in the open and blown up for all to see. A couple local festivals will have you feeling the pride of the area’s residents and visitors alike. Touring the great outdoors of Portage County in all four seasons on land and on water will show you The Lure of the area for families just like your own. Then we’ll visit attractions celebrating American War Veterans like the Korean War Memorial, and local history like Heritage Park. Restaurant options will delight you as we experience high end dining at places like Christian’s Bistro all the way to coffee houses like Emy J’s. By the end of the show you’ll experience a path known to many, but with secrets following the trail you may not have known, like the Fall Artisan Walk along the famous Ice Age Trail. All of that and a few more surprises along the way on “Portage County: By Our Very Nature.”