Wisconsin Culinary – The Tastes of the State Promo

Wisconsin’s culinary options cannot be outdone, and on this episode of Wisconsin, we’ll show you why. We kick off our “Tastes of the State” tour at Warrens Cranfest to experience cranberries in ways you never imagined. A stop in the town of Lancaster will lead us to Woolwich Dairy where your craving for goat cheese of many flavors will hit an all time high. A visit to Vesperman Farms will show us how the Vesperman family grows their own food that then sell in their Cedar House Restaurant in downtown Lancaster. To wash it all down a tour of the Potosi Brewery and their National Brewery Museum will quench your thirst. Heading into Green County we’ll check out the cheese at Edelweiss Creamery and the Roth Kase Factory as well as the world class brews at Minhas Brewery and the New Glarus Brewing Company. Plus, dessert comes in many forms of yogurt at Sugar River Dairy in Albany. To round out the culinary tour we hit Cheese Days in Monroe where the fried cheese curds and cream puffs keep people coming back year after year and from all over the United States. So join us on “Wisconsin Culinary; The Tastes of the State.”