/ 10 Fantastic Ways to Warm Up Inside This Winter

10 Fantastic Ways to Warm Up Inside This Winter

Have you had enough of the relentless cold? I think we all know that’s a YES! After Phil the groundhog saw his famous shadow, we now have 6 more weeks of winter. But no need to fret; together with Something Special from Wisconsin™, we have come up with 10 great ways to escape the cold, while also quenching your undeniable thirst.

  1. Sprecher Brewing Company
    For Wisconsinites, Sprecher is a household name that everyone recognizes. Come to Glendale to explore how Milwaukee was once made famous by the Old World brewing traditions that Sprecher has brought back to life. There are brew house tours, followed by the large cellar that displays the marvelous Bavarian murals on the walls of their bottling room. Also, don’t forget to stop in the indoor beer garden where you can sample any of the sodas and beer on draught, while listening to music to whisk the cold away.


  1. Yahara Bay Distillery
    This Madison distillery offers a free tour Thursdays at 6 p.m. and three free samples! How can you pass that up on a cold Thursday night? Yahara Bay Distillery is one of the largest import bottling operations in the state. Take the tour and get educated on why the preferred method of spirit production is small batch distilling and how their 20+ handcrafted spirits are made. Also, visit their art gallery that showcases regional and local artists…you’ll leave with a satisfied feeling of warm-heartedness.


  1. Vetro Winery

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    Located in Jefferson, stop into Vetro Winery for one of their daily wine tastings! You can choose up to 6 different Vetro wines to fill up your flight for only $18! Don’t forget to pick up a Vetro Freeze Mix, where you can add any of your favorite Vetro wines that have the wine glass marked in their ice cube icon. It will give you the refreshing taste that will allow you to transport you to the beaches of Sicily, where Grandpa Mikele Vetrano first began the family tradition of wine making.


  1. Trout Springs Winery

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    If you’re looking for a great escape this winter, come spring into Trout Springs Winery where Fox Valley turned into Napa Valley. This Greanleaf, Wis. winery was the birthplace of Wisconsin Ledge and was named the Winery of the Year in 2014 for its excellent pedigree of grapes…they uniquely grow their own! Come relax in their cozy tasting room where you can try all of their different wine and beers produced in the charming country setting. You will be sure to forget all about that bitter cold while you’re sipping on some award-worthy wine.


  1. Timber Hill Winery

    Located in Milton, Timber Hill Winery thrives on cold weather climate varietals, so they can be grown locally here in the harsh winters. Luckily for you, they have a warm cozy tasting room where you can getaway from the unwelcoming weather outside!


  1. Great Lakes Distillery
    Located in the Milwaukee by the Menomonee River, Great Lakes Distillery is the first distillery in Wisconsin since the Prohibition. They create superior products by being a small-batch distillery that has award-winning handcrafts spirits that are made in limited quantities. On their tours, you can witness the magic of their old world traditional methods and see where it all takes place. You can also shake-it-up at one of their cocktail classes where they teach you how to perfect iconic cocktails.


  1. Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company
    Located in the middle of Wisconsin Dells, stop into Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company where you can partake in a tour in the open-air brewery almost any weekday. They offer house-brewed beer and soda each day, so come cozy up in the rustic cabin ambiance and enjoy some brews and hand-tossed pizza at Moose Jaw Pizza and Dells Brewing Co. located underneath the brewery!


  1. Northleaf Winery

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    History is something cherished by the family-owned Northleaf Winery located in Milton. Back in 1844, John Alexander, a merchant from Scotland, came to Milton to purchase a piece of land and build a wheat warehouse. Now, 174 years later the building is restored for the Northleaf Winery, where they produce, bottle, and sell the glorious wine. So come treat yourself to the serine winery, where you get lost in time and forget all about the icy temps!


  1. Port Huron Brewing Company
    Located in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, you can enjoy fresh beer on tap while snacking on free tasty fresh-popped popcorn and pretzel rods in the Engine House Tap Room. You can experience the old fashioned stationary steam engine that powers a line shaft that has fans attached to provide air movement, mimicking the process used in the olden days!


  1. Valkyrie Brewing Company
    Come to Dallas (Dallas, Wisconsin, that is) to experience the microbrewery that opened in 1994. With Dallas’s smooth perfect water, they can brew any style of beer. Valkyrie means “Women Viking Warrior” and if you come to the free tour and tasting rooms, the beer will be sure to leave you with a great punch!

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