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10 Holiday Gift Ideas Perfect for the Wisconsinite in Your Life

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time again – time to think up the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. If anyone on your shopping list loves Wisconsin as much as we do, we’ve got you covered. You won’t have to step foot in a crowded mall, and we’ve even got a promo code for you. Enter HOHOHO at checkout, and receive $10 off any order over $50.

  1. Meat, Cheese and Coffee Gift Boxes

    Who couldn’t use a little coffee or an assortment of meat and cheese? At, you’ll find gift boxes with just that. It’s easy to ship near and far, and makes an excellent gift for coworkers, clients, and far-away family.
  2. 2018 Discover Wisconsin Calendar

    Yes, we’ve all got a calendar on our phones these days, but there’s something about an actual, physical, paper calendar that we just can’t get over. Call us old fashioned. Plus, this calendar features gorgeous photos taken across the state by real Discover Wisconsin fans, a list of upcoming Discover Wisconsin episodes, and events happening across the state year-round.
  3. Up North Tee

    Up North – it’s a specific place. The catch? This place is different for everyone. It’s where you jumped off a raft into a sparkling Wisconsin lake. It’s where you roasted marshmallows around a crackling fire, telling spooky stories with your family. It’s where you watched fireworks and lit sparklers each 4th of July night. It’s where you fish, and jet ski, and pontoon and canoe. It’s a cabin or cottage, where your best memories are made. Wear this shirt and spark conversation about where your “Up North” is.
  4. Discover Wisconsin Baseball Tee
    “Take me out to the ball game, because I’ve got the perfect shirt to wear.” – You, after buying this shirt.

Okay, we can’t predict the future, but this sounds like something you’d say. Right? Right?? This shirt has the softest fabric and comes in both men’s and women’s fits.

  1. Discover Wisconsin Tee

    Whether you’ve been watching Discover Wisconsin for 30 years or 30 days, we’ve got the tee for you. Or, if you’ve never seen an episode but just want something to wear to the Badgers game, we’ve got the tee for you. But may we suggest watching an episode while you’re at it?
  2. Old Fashioned Tee

    Look familiar? Our “Old Fashioned” tee has been a long-time fan-favorite, and we’ve given it a facelift. If you consider yourself to be more James Dean than Justin Bieber, more Audrey Hepburn than Miley Cyrus, and you can’t pass up a good Brandy Old-Fashioned, this tee is for you.
  3. Brandy. Euchre. Tee

    What do polka, brandy and euchre have in common? They’re all Wisconsin favorites! That, and your grandpa loves them. But mostly, they’re Wisconsin favorites. And we’re all about Wisconsin here. In this tee, you’ll be a big hit at the local supper club.
  4. Cheese Curds Tee

    A few signs that cheese curds are your spirit animal: 1. When you don’t see them listed under a restaurant’s appetizer menu, you ponder the moral ethics of said restaurant. 2. You firmly believe that cheese curds belong on top of burgers, in gravy and fries, and, if Starbucks was smart, there’d be a cheese curd spiced latte. 3. You find yourself deep in thought over one reoccurring fundamental question: fried or fresh?
  5. Onesies

    With four adorable onesie options, your little ones will be spoiled this holiday season. Choose from “Don’t Wake the Badger” and “Drink Local” in red, navy, purple and turquoise. Plus, one comes with udders on the baby booty, while the other comes with badger paw prints.
  6. Discover Tee/Hoodie

    Snowmobiling, fishing, kayaking, golfing, camping, hiking and biking - it’s Wisconsin in a nutshell. This design comes in both a tee and a sweatshirt, and is pretty much guaranteed to make anyone happy this holiday season.

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Kristen Finstad is a member of the Discover Wisconsin crew. Having grown up in River Falls, attending UW-Stevens Point and now living in Madison, she’s a Wisconsin girl through and through. Watch Discover Wisconsin TV Saturday mornings at 10 on Fox Sports Wisconsin. (Twitter: @DiscoverWI)

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