/ 15-Year-Old Oklahoman Describes Wisconsin Beautifully

15-Year-Old Oklahoman Describes Wisconsin Beautifully

We get a ton of amazing fan mail here at Discover Wisconsin. The following essay was sent to us from Barb W. of Perry, Oklahoma. It was written by her 15-year-old daughter, Dorothy:

Lakeview Road winds through the Wisconsin countryside, twisting and turning without a care in the world. It meanders past farm houses and groves of blue spruce, their branches groaning under craggy foliage. The road dwindles to a single asphalt lane, and then it curves sharply to the right and leads its travelers past a hidden treasure - Sand Lake.
It is here that our car now turns off of Lakeview Road and pulls into a gravel parking area. Small rocks pop and crunch under the car tires, and the engine sighs as the key is turned and pulled out of the ignition. On this chilly autumn evening the air is heavy with the scent of pine and spruce and the wind carries the faint taste of snow. This spot is flanked on both sides by forest and the leaves of poplar and birch whisper as they sway in the wind, proudly displaying their fiery colors. Little by little, the gravel parking lot evolves into a silky stretch of sand. Here stands a wooden sign, its black letters boldly spelling out, ‘Sand Lake Beach.’
Four proud, tall pine trees freckle the beach’s face and wooden picnic tables sit at their feet. Autumn leaves, pinecones and brittle brown pine needles litter the smooth, soft sand like confetti. Sand Lake itself lies like a blue gem nestled in fine green velvet. For the lake is surrounded on all sides by a swaying pine forest, dotted only with the occasional cabin. Lights flicker to life in these cabins and their chimneys being to smoke, perfuming the air with the sweet scent of burning hickory. Overhead, the sky erupts in color as the sun slips down lower and lower on the horizon. The air grows cold and silent, except for the steady lapping of small waves against the golden beach.

Bravo, Dorothy. You brought us right to the sandy shores of the oh-so-serene Sand Lake.
Dorothy is a sophomore at Perry High School in Perry, Okla. She loves running, reading, cooking, walking the dog, writing, playing the flute and piano. She is planning on attending Oklahoma State University in a few years.

6 comments on “15-Year-Old Oklahoman Describes Wisconsin Beautifully”

  1. You certainly painted a worthy picture - I was right there with you, absorbing all the sights, sounds & smells. Real talent! And you're welcome back any time.

  2. Thank you, Dorothy W, for writing about our lovely State of Wisconsin in such flattering terms. Beautifully written!!! You have certainly brought out the essence, & the heart, of WI. I look forward to reading more of your writings!! Best wishes to you, young lady!! You have a brilliant future in front of you!!

  3. Great use of descriptive! The trees show u really did some research and took the time examine the leaves or colors if each one you name!

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