/ Bringing Your Dog For Traveling? Here's Some Travel Hacks You Need To Know 

Bringing Your Dog For Traveling? Here's Some Travel Hacks You Need To Know 

Clothes, check. Camera? Check. Chargers? Check. Furry friend? Of course! 
Everything’s more fun when your dog is involved. So if you’re planning on doing a bit of traveling, why not take your fluff along for the ride
With just a bit of extra preparation, you and your pup can enjoy a memorable travel experience that might just start off a new habit. 
If you’re planning on bringing your dog for traveling, here’s some travel hacks you need to know to make it easier, safer, and more fun! 

Traveling with Your Dog In the Car 

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Your first task should be to get your pup a crate/car seat/seatbelt. These devices save lives, so don’t neglect it! Once your dog is secured, here are a couple of hacks that make car travel with a pooch much easier. 
It’s also imperative that your dog stays hydrated. But a regular water bowl can cause havoc in the car. To give your pup uninterrupted access to water, a spill-proof water bowl on the floor is ideal. These bowls have a large lip around them and a small water-lapping space. If you have a brachycephalic dog, this may not work for them. But dogs with long snouts will benefit from this kind of bowl. 
Bonus Hack: Use bottled water and not tap water if crossing state lines. The chemicals added to tap water can be different in other states, leading to stomach upset

Keep Your Pup Cool with Fans 

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Dogs are quite susceptible to heat exhaustion. Opening the window may not always be an option to keep your dog cool. We suggest investing in a couple of fans to keep your dog cool in the car. 
If your dog suffers from motion sickness, try pet CBD for car sickness. You’ll need to find a reputable product and make sure you get the dosage right, but it’s a healthier option than many other medications. It can also ease anxiety, reduce nausea, and improve joint pain. All in all, a great product “hack” to have with you for a variety of reasons! 

Backpacking with Your Dog 

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Get your dog their own pack! No need for you to carry everything. Get your dog their own backpack and let them carry some of the lighter (and non-edible) stuff. Make sure not to overload their pack! 
Also get your dog used to their tent at home. If your dog has never slept in a tent before, spend a few nights in the tent at home so they can get used to it before trying to get them in it while you’re out in the wilderness. They may be wary at first, so spending the extra time is a good idea to make sure they’re comfortable. 
If your dog is wary of strangers, always carry extra dog treats on your person. When you meet others along the way, allow them to feed your pup a treat. This could go a long way towards reducing panic around strangers and lowers the chance of a potential bite. 

General Doggy Travel Hacks 

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If you need to carry documents with you, store them in a Ziploc bag. This will keep them safe from mess, slobber, and accidents. Speaking of Ziploc bags, don’t store your dog’s food in them! They might be able to sniff it out and tear the bag open.
Lastly, make sure to download dog-related travel apps before you go! Chances are you’ll already be using your phone to help you along your trip. Here are some of our favorite dog-related travel apps:

  • BringFido: Find pet-friendly places and activities (Android, Apple
  • USA Rest Stops: Locate the nearest place to stop and rest (Android, Apple
  • SniffSpot: Find safe private dog parks for a bit of a romp (Android, Apple

Mike Powell has been caring for dogs since he was a kid and has plenty of experience traveling with his furry friends. He shares advice on feeding, training, and buying the best gear for your dog at Dog Embassy.

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