Nestled in the depths of the Driftless area, and tucked away in the corner of Sauk County, White Mound County Park provides a soft, warm and welcoming midwest safe haven amidst our fast-paced lives; a platform for self exploration and re-discovering our place in the wilderness. Microscopic movements of the emerald flora contrast with the stillness of the lake. The trails form a map of earthy respite. Woodland creatures breathe a lively magic into the tranquil ambiance. It is no surprise that White Mound County Park paints a perfect backdrop for celebrating love. White Mound’s pristine Wisconsin backdrop invites all those who visit to fall in love with their wild selves again; to envelop themselves in the outdoors and free themselves in the depths of the woods. White Mound County Park is home to respite, to laughs, to adventure, and to finding your wild.

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