/ Curbside Eats: 7 Food Trucks in Wisconsin

Curbside Eats: 7 Food Trucks in Wisconsin

The food truck revolution continues to spread across Wisconsin. Delivery trucks transformed into take-away restaurants dot the state’s landscape. Evening revelers depend on food trucks for sustenance on a night out, while business people line up at lunchtime to add some spice to the workday.
In most food truck-friendly cities, the trucks can really get around. Fans follow their favorite truck’s whereabouts via social media or texts hoping it will stop nearby.
Let’s take a road trip to see what we can find!

  1. Gordo's Food Truck (Eau Claire)

    In Eau Claire area, look for Gordo's Food Truck. This husband-wife duo serves up authentic Mexican fare using fresh ingredients sourced from local farms. If you’re in the Eau Claire area make a plan to stop by Gordo’s for some authentic tacos, burritos, quesadillas and other Wisconsin cheese laden Mexican fare!
  2. Lola's Lunch Box (Phillips)
    In Phillips, Lola's Lunch Box takes traditional dishes (sandwiches & burgers) and adds a new flavor twist, creating mouthfuls of tasty goodness that proudly boast as many locally sustainable foods the local community provides. Incidentally, you may need to examine their ‘crunch’ item!
  3. Urban Street Bistro (Wausau)

    Head to Wausau’s historic 400 Block and find Urban Street Bistro – central Wisconsin’s first year-round mobile restaurant sharing locally sourced cuisine where their menu and location changes weekly. This food truck was born out of a desire to bring thoughtfully prepared, locally sourced cuisine to the streets by elevating ordinary street food for consumers.
  4. Nistebox (Sturgeon Bay)

    Nistebox in Sturgeon Bay – Niste (nih- Stuh) means takeaway lunch in Norwegian, and that’s fitting for this mobile restaurant which currently holds the title of Door County’s only food truck (Note: It’s seasonal!) with a varied menu using locally sourced Renard’s cheese in burritos, tacos and a full line of beverages.
  5. Gouda Girls (Milwaukee)
    While in Milwaukee, make the Gouda Girls a part of your trip! Calling themselves Wisconsin’s first food truck specializing in everything about Wisconsin cheese served with ‘curbside comfort’ from Katherine and Tina; creamy mac & cheese and wonderfully gooey melted grilled cheese sandwiches.
  6. Curd Girl (Madison)

    Madison's Curd Girl food cart is the creation of two best friends celebrating Wisconsin’s rich cheese heritage by providing deep-fried cheese curds and homemade gourmet sauces. Golden fried, piping hot, these curds scream Wisconsin pride! But be ready for a long line as they’re rather popular…
  7. The Lunch Bus (Platteville)

    The Lunch Bus in Platteville features specialized sandwiches and other dishes using products from local dairies and bakeries in southwest Wisconsin. Master Cheesemaker Chris Roelli supplies the Lunch Bus with his alpine cheese “Little Mountain,” and he even has a namesake sandwich – The Roelli Reuben!

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8 comments on “Curbside Eats: 7 Food Trucks in Wisconsin”

  1. Great article. Keep me posted on new development. Would like to know about costs, mobile device mainly?

  2. Barron County has several lunch wagons for the summer. Weinie Wagon and Poor Schmuck's BBQ that travel from town to town in the county

  3. The ChameleonMobile in Fond du Lac in its second year is delicious. Never been disappointed. Check it out.

  4. Appleton started a food truck rally during the summer months. I wish I could remember the name of the best fried cheese curds that I sampled last summer.

  5. I love food trucks because you can find the most unique and tasty foods there. The one I want to try when I visit my sister would have to the Curd Girl. It seems pretty interesting. Though I'd probably have to go there alone since my sister prefers to eat restaurants where you can sit down.

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