/ Discovering Lake Geneva From Water, Land & Sky

Discovering Lake Geneva From Water, Land & Sky

Photo Credit: Visit Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva has always been the place, offering unique experiences to all visitors! From discovering the Lake Geneva area along the beautiful lakes to finding adventures along the shore and even from the blue sky above, it is truly a one-of-a-kind destination for all to experience. Keep reading to uncover a trip of a lifetime by lake, land and sky, and see why… It’s always been the place.


Photo Credit: Visit Lake Geneva

Start your adventures off right in Lake Geneva by riding the waves of Geneva Lake! There are numerous water activities such as recreational boating, paddle boarding, and kayaking, to name a few! Rent the water vessel of your choice and hit the beautiful waters.

If you’re looking for a guided tour, Gage Marine operates the Lake Geneva Cruise Line offering the ultimate cruise experiences! Exclusive Lake Geneva Boat Tours, like their most popular Geneva Bay Tour, will guide you along the eastern end of the lake, known as Geneva Bay. Along the way, learn about the history of the extravagant homes right on the water. For festive excursions, book the Fall Color Cruise and see the fall foliage like never before! All cruises in October showcase Lake Geneva’s most vibrant leaves. They even offer magical cruises like the one and only Santa Cruise! Starting right after Thanksgiving day to December 30th, embark on an unforgettable journey to Santa’s Hideaway and by incredible light displays along the way. No matter the time of year, a spectacular cruise awaits.

For an unforgettable and unique experience on the waters of Geneva Lake, take the US Mailboat Tour! There are very few places left in the entire country where mail is delivered by boat. From June 15th through September 15th, hop aboard the Walworth and take this exciting, scenic tour around the lake and watch as they deliver mail from water to land! This mail delivery service dates back to over 100 years ago! But it’s not just about delivering mail, you will get to learn about all the beautiful homes around the lake.


Photo Credit: Safari Lake Geneva via Instagram

Speaking of land, there’s so many excursions that await here in Lake Geneva! Hop off the wavy waters and hop on the Geneva Lake Shore Path! This path will guide you right along shore and offer spectacular views of the serene water, but also of the extravagant estates, landscapes and gardens. Follow the path all the way to downtown Lake Geneva where there’s shopping, dining, and even a beach! But one of the coolest sections of the path is known as The Miracle Path, a place dedicated to spreading peace and inspiration for all visitors. It is lined with art and motivational quotes. You’re invited to share your own miracles, prayers, or even a simple thank you as you pass by.

And if you’re ready to go on an adventure that you can’t find anywhere else in the state, you will want to add experiencing Wisconsin’s original drive-through safari adventure at Safari Lake Geneva to your bucket list! This unique wildlife preserve is home to animals from all across the globe. The animals freely roam around the vast green landscape and are able to interact with one another as they would in the wild. And the coolest part? You have the opportunity to watch them mingle and interact with them too! 


Photo Credit: Yerkes Observatory

Take flight and see Lake Geneva from above with the Lake Geneva Balloon Company! This company began giving visitors this once in a lifetime opportunity in 2002. It all began back in 1997 when the owner and chief pilot took his first hot air balloon ride. After that one experience, he was dedicated to offer the experience to others in the area. The views from the sky and memories you create are unmatched. Soak in the wavy waters, pristine landscapes, and downtown below as you soar through the air. This experience is once in a lifetime, and one you’ll never forget!

Learn about the big blue sky above us at the one and only Yerkes Observatory. Yerkes Observatory first opened their dome to the broad night sky in 1897 and it quickly became known and visited internationally by the most prestigious astronomers, scientists and scholars, and still is today. It was here that astrophysics was born, attracting visitors like Albert Einstein! Take a tour around the grounds trails or inside to get an up close look at historic scientific equipment and treasured artifacts. Keep a lookout for the three telescopes on sight, especially for the Great Refractor, the world’s largest refracting telescope! You won’t be able to miss it! It’s 64 feet long, and weighs six tons! You may even get the chance to look through it. When you’re at Yerkes, the sky is the limit.

Now that you know of Lake Geneva’s very own unique experiences, it’s time to discover it for yourself! Start your journey on the vast lake, wash ashore for unforgettable adventures, and soar in the sky and stars twinkling above. Visit Lake Geneva for a memorable trip of a lifetime!

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