How to Live More Sustainably(ft. "the Mindfluencers")

How to Live More Sustainably(ft. "the Mindfluencers")

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Campfire Conversation: Do you want to live more sustainably? Does living a ‘green’ lifestyle seems too difficult to do? Have you met The Mindfluencers? The Mindfluencers mini-series follows parents, Corrina and Patrick Cunningham, as they navigate a sustainable lifestyle that’s practical for the average Midwestern family. They came to The Cabin (with their youngest child in arm) to share some of their sensible tips and tricks to living a more sustainable life than anyone can do. Whether it’s choosing the grocery store you shop at, how you bag up your food, or tips on reducing, reusing, and recycling, they’ve got great advice for people at any stage of life to be mindful of the environment we live in!


To learn more tips on how to live more sustainability, make sure to follow The Mindfluencers on:


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YouTube; https://bit.ly/3C45GPv


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