Madison's Hidden Gems

Madison's Hidden Gems

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The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we’re featuring Columbia County!


Campfire Conversation: Today, the Cabin Crew is hanging out in our capital city. But there’s a lot more to Madison than just a stunning Capitol building on an isthmus and its five surrounding lakes. The crew does a round-robin style show with Eric, Mariah, Susan and Audio Dave revealing their favorite hidden gem restaurants, bars, parks and more! Some of these hidden gems include, Burrito Drive, Le Tigre Lounge, Matz Farmstead Ruins, the UW Geology Museum, Breakwater, Old Sugar Distillery, Hoyt Park, Lake Wingra, The Tornado Steakhouse, The Robin Room, Picnic Point, Nattspil, Mickey’s Tavern, Tenney Park Locks, and more!


Wisconsin Counties Association: Learn more about the Wisconsin Counties Association, their role in public health, and how they help Wisconsin succeed during this interview with their Executive Director, Mark O’Connell.

Behind the Scenes: Discover Wisconsin kicks off Season 34 in Verona!

Our Producer, Jessica Murphy, joins us to discuss the behind-the-scenes fun facts about shooting that episode last summer.

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