Moving to Wisconsin? Here's What You Need to Know

Moving to Wisconsin? Here's What You Need to Know

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The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we’re featuring Winnebago County; https://bit.ly/3miMadl


Campfire Conversation: So, you’ve decided to move to the dairy state…what should you know in order to prepare? We’ve got the answers! Discover Wisconsin’s Brand Manager, Nicole Martin, joins us at the mic to discuss what her move back to Wisconsin was like, what factors she considered before the move back home, and what first time Wisconsinites can expect when moving to one of the friendliest places on the planet. If you’ve been itching to pick up your bags and start fresh, you’ll want to save this episode for future re-listens!


Behind-the-Scenes of Discover Wisconsin: A Winter Destination Like No Other: Lake Geneva with Producer, Andy Meddaugh: https://youtu.be/V8nL56q72LY

Cobblestone Hotels; The Official Hotel Chain of Discover Wisconsin; https://bit.ly/3zv0mE9

Visit Lake Geneva: Winter Travel Inspiration; https://bit.ly/2VroVDlMarshfield Clinic; All of Us Research Program; https://bit.ly/3klM56E


Know Your Wisconsin: Harbor Assistance Program

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