Must Try Local Pizza Places in Wisconsin

Must Try Local Pizza Places in Wisconsin

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The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we’re featuring Washington County; https://bit.ly/3mA98vs


Campfire Conversation: Ahh, pizza. A classic. A favourite. A comfort. A food category that could unite the world, and therefore, we needed to explore some of the must-try local pizza joints we have all throughout Wisconsin. Our return guest, Josh Ostermann, joins us to discuss what constitutes a good pizza order, the best way pizza should be cooked, and most importantly, what local restaurants you should try for your next great slice! Local pizza restaurants mentioned in this episode include Wild Tomato (Door County), Dina Mia Pizza (Rhinelander), Steve’s Pizza (Platteville),

Calderone Club (Milwaukee), Wells Brothers (Racine), Heart II (Arbor Vitae), Roadhouse Pizza (Ripon), Grampa’s Pizzeria (Madison), Zaroni’s (Oshkosh), Attica Bar (Albany), Lisa’s Pizzeria (Milwaukee), and so many more! WI in 72: Eric lists all of the local pizza place favourites from our Instagram comment section at (@thecabinpod)


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