Wisconsin Water Skiing 101

Wisconsin Water Skiing 101

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The Cabin is presented by the Wisconsin Counties Association and this week we’re featuring La Crosse County; https://bit.ly/3i5t20l


The Cabin is presented by Jolly Good Soda: find them at your local grocery store and follow them on social media @jollygoodsoda; http://bit.ly/DWx


JollyGoodCampfire Conversation: It’s well-known that Wisconsin is the ‘Waterpark Capital of the World’. But did you know that it’s also the ‘Water Ski Show Capital of the World’?! We didn’t!But don’t worry, you’ll learn all about that, what to expect at a Waterski Show, and tips / tricks on learning to waterski yourself! We are joined with two members of the Webfooters Water Ski Show Team to teach us the ropes and share some of their favorite performances to do on the water. Plus, they’re hosting a ‘Learn to Ski’ day for anyone interested on Sunday. August 22, 2021 that you won’t want to miss! Learn more and sign up at by clicking here.


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