/ Uniquely Wisconsin: Sheboygan County

Uniquely Wisconsin: Sheboygan County

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Located on the eastern coast of Wisconsin lies Sheboygan County–one of Wisconsin’s most scenic and special locations. With magical melodies in the air, excitement on the water, and supportive companies ashore, Sheboygan County is unique in every aspect. Come along as we learn from the locals, who tell their inspiring stories. 

The Magic in Melodies: The Sheboygan Symphony

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Since 1918, the Sheboygan Symphony has been a spotlight to Sheboygan County by providing a unique, long-running, professional orchestra. Sheboygan County is well known for its arts and culture, and the symphony offers an uplifting and captivating experience. 

“Music is one of the very few activities that we know that stimulates both sides of the brain. We are dealing with the complexity and gamut of human emotions and people all over the world feel the same emotions,” said Ernesto Estigarribia, music director/ conductor of the Sheboygan Symphony. “You don’t need a special education to understand joy. Everyone loves classical music, they just don’t know it yet.” 

Music has an impact on many people across the globe, and in Sheboygan County, you can see the amazing talents of Wisconsinites shine through.

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Coasting with Confidence: Sheboygan Sailing

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Sitting on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, the citizens of Sheboygan County embrace gorgeous Lake Michigan as a recreational destination. Recognized as one of the premiere youth and adult sailing centers around the Midwest, the Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center has left an indelible mark for all who participate in their summer programs and more.

An enthusiastic and skilled team of instructors, who range from teenagers to young adults, help develop the sailors of tomorrow who are willing to learn the skills of a lifelong activity that will bring them a sense of joy, freedom, and purpose, set against the beautiful backdrop of the shores of Lake Michigan.

We learn more about the journey with various students from the Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center and talk more about each of the students' experiences out sailing. This is truly one of Sheboygan Counties most talked-about recreational programs and makes many want to set sail with them on Lake Michigan.

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Supporting Sheboygan: From Environment to Economy

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Sheboygan County is home to many outstanding businesses and community members, doing whatever they can to help their friends succeed and achieve their goals. The Green Bicycle Co., founded by Heather Cleveland in 2020, has a significant mission of doing just that. 

Through community projects and business consulting, the Green Bicycle Company is making moves to improve the connection between our local government and the people of Sheboygan County. By emphasizing sustainability in long-term investments in the people, the county's businesses are looking to get more involved in community organizations, such as sponsoring Little League teams or school clubs. The Green Bicycle Co. is helping the community form stronger, lasting relationships between clubs, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

“I think Green Bicycle Company really fills an important gap in Sheboygan as well as society in general. It really gives an opportunity for people to step back and really reconsider their role in the community and how they want to participate,” said Barbara Alvarez, Community Educator at Green Bicycle Company “This isn't a one-way street...we want to hear from the community, and we want to know what matters to people.  We want to know why people live in Sheboygan County and what they'd like to see to make this place even better.”

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Not only is Sheboygan County a scenic spot, but also a special one. Feel the magic in the air as melodies echo, sailboats hit the water, and compassionate companies support the community  on shore. There is no doubt Sheboygan County is unique and awe-inspiring in every way. Experience Sheboygan County and plan your visit today.

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