/ UW-Extension Unlocked: Mission & Outreach Programs

UW-Extension Unlocked: Mission & Outreach Programs

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Unlock the many educational experiences offered throughout Wisconsin with UW-Extension. UW-Extension works to reach communities throughout all 72 counties of Wisconsin and provide opportunities to learn, lead and grow. Read on and learn about their mission and outreach programs in the county you call home.

The Mission of UW-Extension

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UW-Extension is a network across the state designed to take the resources of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and other UW system campuses, and spread them statewide to support communities, youth and families in the county they call home. Their purpose is to not only connect communities with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but to transform their lives and counties in which they live. This amazing educational resource teaches, leads and serves communities all over Wisconsin.

No matter where you live, UW- Extension believes everyone has the right to an educational experience. They go above and beyond and bring the courses right to you. The outreach of this program is incredible as it extends to all 72 counties of Wisconsin. Those involved in this life-changing network learn from and respect local knowledge from all over the state. In fact, over the past 100 years, they’ve connected with a variety of businesses and youth development programs statewide to offer a wide range of courses for people of all ages.

The Programs of UW-Extension

Photo Credit: UW-Extension

There are six different programs that UW-Extension offers to meet the local needs of each county. Each topic is seen as a priority and important in the future of our great state.

The agriculture programs include educating the local communities about sustainable practices. These practices ultimately allow locals to obtain ways to be free from invasive species and produce the best possible result, for both the consumer and environment. Click here to learn more about their programs in a county near you.

Community development programs explain techniques for leadership, organization, implementation of food systems, economics and even about local government. All of these skills are focused on and intended to teach members of Wisconsin’s counties about the importance of creating a healthy communal atmosphere. Check out the programs offered here.

Programs focusing on families & finances provides the tools you need to to navigate to succeed as individuals and families. Their programs foster growth and understanding for communities of all ages and all stages of life. A few tools taught are promoting effective parenting using awareness of tools all around us. Choose from any of their three programs and be transformed.

Health programs are critical to UW-Extension. In their three offered programs they discuss the importance of nutrition, food safety, and prevention of diseases and substances, to name a few. Choose a program and learn from the comfort of your own county.

The programs for natural resources are scattered throughout all counties in the state, including partnerships with Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center. Here, leadership skills are built upon while our great state’s natural resources are cultivated and appreciated. There are so many more community centers and programs in all counties. Click here and see!

Youth programs designed for enrichment are at the heart of UW-Extension. The youth are our future. Through an array of hands-on experiences with adults and community partnerships, they are able to grow a deeper understanding for themselves and our world in which we live. Find the youth programs in your county.

UW-Extension offers endless educational experiences and opportunities for communities statewide. Through their inspiring mission to reach communities throughout all 72 counties and creating programs to foster development for all Wisconsities, this network is truly remarkable. Find UW-Extension in your very own county by clicking here

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