A Wisconsin Mecca of Powersports: Jefferson County

A Wisconsin Mecca of Powersports: Jefferson County

Ready for some action? You’ve come to the right place. Jefferson County is home to not one, not two, but three nationally recognized motorsports dealerships–Rock River Powersports, John Hartwig Motorsports, and Rob’s Performance Motorsports–making it a mecca of the industry.


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Host Andrea Boehlke kicks off her adrenaline-junkie journey exploring Jefferson County at Rob’s Performance Motorsports where she joins the SOAR crew on one of their monthly rides. On today’s route, they first head to Aztalan State Park and make their way to the final pitstop–Jefferson Speedway. Ready, set, go!


The first stop, is Aztalan State Park, the first town in Wisconsin. With over 100 acres, 18 remain sacred and ancient to the state’s history. Established over 900 years ago, settlers arrived by following the great river routes, which are still traveled today.


Back on the road, Andrea experiences the ultimate freedom riding on the endless routes beneath the towering trees. Last but not least, the crew arrives at Jefferson Speedway and amps up their adventure even more! Jefferson County’s routes have fostered connections for thousands of years and continue to do so to unique places, Wisconsin’s historic past, and many amazing people.


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