An Exclusive Beer Tasting & Pairing at the Leinie Lodge

An Exclusive Beer Tasting & Pairing at the Leinie Lodge

The Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls brought in Discover Wisconsin for an exclusive beer tasting and pairing session, curated by the Lodge’s manager Lindsey Everson. Join Eric Paulsen in learning Leinie’s tips on how to properly taste and pair beer.


The BIG THREE ingredients that make up a classic beer and influence taste:
#1 - Malts give color and a lot of taste to the beer
#2 - Hops add bitterness
#3 - Yeast is where the magic happens, as it eats the sugars from the malts and you have alcohol left over


Want to learn more about the process? Stop by for your own personalized brewery tour today: https://www.leinie.com/tours


1:10 Let’s get to tasting!
Sensory specialists at Leinie’s like to use the acronym AATMF as a guide through the tasting process. Join Eric in the fun of critiquing the aroma, appearance, taste, mouth feel, and finish of their beer. Do you agree with Eric that their beer “coats your mouth with deliciousness”?


3:01 Food pairing principles: complement, contrast, and cut
The team at Leinie’s likes to refer to the 3 C’s for talking about the experience provided when pairing different foods with beer, and the German food truck which often visits the grounds, brings several options for whichever experience visitors want to choose. For example, taking a sip of beer, then having a cheese curd, then another sip of beer will create a fresh palette, making the next bite of curd taste just as fresh as the first one; that’s called the CUT. A COMPLEMENT can be like spätzle, where the bread-iness and unique flavor can further increase or ignite your sensation of both the beer and food, or as Eric likes to say it, an afterburner effect. With tastebuds all fired up, it’s yet another experience to go for CONTRAST, like with sauerkraut, where the maltiness of an amber offsets the sourness of the dish. Even pairing one food with different beers can lend to a variety of palette encounters.


What are your favorite or most unique beer pairings? Tell us in the comments, so we all can try next time we pop over to the Leinie Lodge.


Until then, keep your mouth watering by checking out what new, expertly-brewed beers are on tap in Chippewa Falls: https://www.leinie.com/leinie-lodge


And thank you Lindsey & the Leinie Lodge team for this exclusive behind-the-scenes venture, helping us appreciate and understand our favorite beers just a little bit more.

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