Chillin' Out in Wisconsin: Sauk County

Chillin' Out in Wisconsin: Sauk County

Home to countless gorgeous parks and waterways, Sauk County is a magical escape. With glowing, frosted evergreens at Hemlock Park and flowing, idyllic water at Lake Redstone Spillway, the county is enchanting everywhere you go.

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Tucked into the Southwestern corner of Sauk County lies another secret hideaway–White Mound County Park. Experience true serenity at this park's rustic escape and cozy ambiance, especially during the winter months. Snuggle up in Prairie Smoke Terrace with a home-cooked meal and family fun.


As the night sky fades into darkness, you’ll fade into awe and wonder while stargazing above. It’s truly a rare gem–one of the only dark countryside where you can reconnect with our planet.


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