Egg Harbor: A Village's Journey Towards Sustainability

Egg Harbor: A Village's Journey Towards Sustainability

Join us in beautiful Door County! We’re up with our host Josh Casey to learn about the Village of Egg Harbor and their efforts towards becoming a more sustainable village. Josh is going to meet up with Lydia Semo, the Village’s Sustainability Coordinator, to take a tour of the town and meet with various local residents and business owners about their initiatives and programs that all contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable Village. www.villageofeggharbor.org/sustainability

Along the way we’ll hear from Angela Lensch, a Village Trustee and driving force behind the Village’s becoming a Green Tier Legacy Community. That’s a program with the DNR that helps communities identify and address their environmental impact and create programs that will help us all find a more sustainable future.

We’ll visit Greens N Grains, a long standing local organic food store that grows its own organic produce. www.greens-n-grains.com The Village’s compost program collects food scraps from residents and local businesses and turns it into compost that is free for anyone in the community to use. And of course we’ve got to check out the famous Shipwrecked Brewpub, where we’ll try out their new biodegradable corn cups and straws. Eliminating single use plastics is one of the main efforts for many businesses in the area, preventing that waste from ending up in Lake Michigan. https://www.shipwreckedmicrobrew.com

Love Door County Cherries? The village owns a Cherry Orchard that it leases to local cherry growers, and they are currently in the process of working together to eliminate toxic herbicides and pesticides on public lands.

Finally, we visit the Egg Harbor Marina to learn about the Wisconsin Clean Marina program and hear from Bill Freyman about how Door County has very little topsoil and how everything that happens on the land ends up in the water. He shares with us the Marina’s efforts to keep the water clean as well as their motivations for the future. www.eggharbormarina.com

The Village of Egg Harbor is a special place in Wisconsin, and it’s so exciting to hear about how the community is working hard to preserve their beautiful land and waters for the generations to come. So next time you’re thinking about a trip to Door County, visit Egg Harbor and learn more about how small communities can make big differences.

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