Jefferson County Cheese

Jefferson County Cheese

“Say CHEESE!” Today on Discover Wisconsin, we take a snapshot of Jefferson County’s dairy industry. Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese and Crave Brother Farmstead Cheese have both made a name for themselves that stretches beyond Wisconsin’s borders. Its humble beginnings as a small 1920s dairy farm in Watertown, Kraemer Cheese has refined its business over the past century attesting to its key ingredients of hard work, great people, and a sprinkle of good luck. A family-owned business, its third generation now runs and operates the Kraemer Dairy Store which offers a menu of Wisconsin’s finest cheeses and a variety of house-made cheese spreads.


A farmer’s toss away, in Watertown, Crave Brothers Cheese is busy at work. Another family-owned business is redefining the process of sustainable dairy farming. A true farmstead, Crave houses an anaerobic methane digester, uses 100% Green Energy, and practices carbon-negative recyclable packaging. Today, we experience the past meeting the present as the fourth generation of dairy farmers take on new challenges while offering up novel ideas in the dairy industry.


We “curd” you not! Jefferson County’s dairy community is a one-of-a-kind CULTURE!


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