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Kwik Trip: A Wisconsin Love Story

Kwik Trip: A Wisconsin Love Story

In this special episode streaming on Discover Wisconsin, we find out why Kwik Trip has become one of the most beloved gas station brands in America, from the business's humble beginnings to becoming the well-respected company it is today! Based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, they are a family-owned company with more than 35,000 employees. And if you’ve traveled to the great state of Wisconsin, there is a great chance that you’ve seen or visited one of their many stores. Expanding throughout the Midwest to Minnesota and Iowa Kwik Trip has now grown to over 800+ stores.


In this special episode, the Discover Wisconsin team films the story in a documentary style. We showcase the culture within the company, how it came to be, and why Wisconsinites are so passionate about Kwik Trip. We first sit down and learn more about Don Zietlow, the President, and CEO, where we learn about his story and the growth of the company to what it is now. The culture is a key piece to the success of the business from start to finish, and the organization truly prides itself on taking care of their coworkers first in order to provide the best service to customers.


Then we learn more about the La Crosse campus and how Kwik Trip uses local farmers for fresh milk, which is processed and in stores within the next two days. Before 2002, Kwik Trip was known as just a gas station but has evolved by introducing food to their stores. They have become a general convenience store for those in more rural areas across the state but are also well known as a spot to stop and grab a quick bite to eat.


We then dive into the love story and what it means to people all across the state of Wisconsin. Consistency is key for Kwik Trip, and you can see that throughout each individual store and that’s what the fans love most: consistency, reliability, and cleanliness.


Get ready and watch this full documentary exclusively on Discover Wisconsin to take it all in. As we all know and love, “See ya, next time”!


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