Tomorrow’s Farmers Today: Girls in Agriculture

Tomorrow’s Farmers Today: Girls in Agriculture

Our food comes from farmers making them essential to our future. These two girls, Mandy and Brielle, have been participating in 4H to increase their skills in agriculture and animal care specifically. 4H gives these students a community of like-minded friends who have found a place in agriculture. Both come from multiple generations of farmers in their families.


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At 16 and 18, Mandy and Brielle have a vast knowledge of how to raise cattle, goats, chickens, and more. Baby calves and little kits are well spoiled by these girls. Eric Paulsen learns about all that the girls do to care for their livestock. We even see a few animals that are only a few hours old.


Brielle will pursue these leadership and farming skills at college soon while Mandy will also continue to learn machinery on the farm as she wants to keep working on her family farm in the future.


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