Touring Small Town Wisconsin: Ashland

Touring Small Town Wisconsin: Ashland

Welcome to Discover Wisconsin’s mini-series Touring Small Town Wisconsin.

In this episode, join Eric Paulsen on his visit to enjoy Lake Superior and a really special town along its south shores - Ashland. And what a beautiful place to see!! Even the drive there is captivating, and on his way up, Eric stops to enjoy a hike at one of his favorite parks - the beautiful Copper Falls State Park.

After arriving in Ashland, Eric checks into the Cobblestone Hotel, which is perfectly situated in downtown, one block from the water and just next door to the Deep Water Grille and South Shore Brewery. With big city quality, and small town values, it’s no wonder the best getaways begin at Cobblestone. www.staycobblestone.com

Time to hit the town!

The Mural Walk is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Enjoy eight blocks of beautiful building-sized murals depicting Ashland's history as seen through the eyes of Ashland’s mural artists Kelly Meredith and Susan Prentice Martinsen. There's a lot of history and a really pleasant atmosphere downtown that sets Eric up for a great evening at the Deep Water Grille!

Catch Eric's exclusive interview with hotel and restaurant owner Mark Gutteter about the evolution of South Shore Brewery, the Deep Water Grille and Cobblestone Hotel - not to mention a great meal with local fresh caught whitefish and craft beer.

The next day, Eric gets going at the hotel's fitness center to psych himself up for a very exciting day of kayaking around the famous sea caves of the Apostle Islands! Then it's off to meet Captain Shelly Holland of Escape Excursion! She takes Eric out to some of the most dramatic and beautiful caves in the island chain - 22 (nautical) miles out to Devil's Island.

The trip over-delivers on expectations and makes for a memorable day of exploring the sights and sounds of these ancient rock formations from the waters of the great Lake Superior!

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