Trail Riding in Chippewa County

Trail Riding in Chippewa County

Mountain biking and trail riding across the trail systems in Chippewa County works up a craving for ice cream, pizza, and beer. Hickory Ridge trail and the Old Abe trail surround the county and provide north woods mountain biking adventures on one side and paved trails on the other. Take a step into Dylan’s Dairy for cheese, sandwiches, drinks, and ice cream. Or visit MoonRidge Brewing after your rides to relax with craft beer and spent grain pizza.

What you will explore with us:

0:38 - The Old Abe Trail: Paved trail bike riding, additional sports on the trail, family amenities (grab your map here https://www.co.chippewa.wi.us/home/sh...)

1:22 - Dylan’s Dairy: Family owned and operated cafe with sandwiches, cheese, wine, ice cream, and more (https://dylansdairy.weebly.com/)

2:13 - Hickory Ridge Trail: Mountain biking in the deep northwoods (for daily updates on the trails, check out https://www.facebook.com/skihickoryri...)

4:07 - MoonRidge Brewing: This husband and wife owned brew pub has a special meaning behind each of the name of it’s beers, their pizza crust has a special ingredient that is a crowd favorite (https://www.moonridgebrewery.com/)

Find more fun in Chippewa County: https://www.co.chippewa.wi.us/

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