Wisconsin's Iconic Wineries | S34 Ep. 6

Wisconsin's Iconic Wineries | S34 Ep. 6

Join us as we explore some of the most iconic and beautiful wineries throughout the state of Wisconsin. As the wine industry in Wisconsin continues to flourish, our hosts travel the Northwoods, Driftless and Door County Regions to walk the vineyards, savor the breathtaking views of the rolling hills or the shores of Lake Michigan and sip award winning Wisconsin wines. The destination, the taste and the experience make these four Wisconsin wineries truly iconic. Whether it is the historic buildings and caverns, or the entertainment, there is sure to be something for all wine lovers to enjoy.


Wollersheim Winery: https://www.wollersheim.com/
Wollersheim Winery is often considered the most beautiful Winery in the state of Wisconsin. The winery was founded in 1972 and is currently run by Philippe and Julie Coquard. Wollersheim Winery sits on the hillside of Prairie du Sac overlooking the Wisconsin River.


Von Stiehl Winery: https://vonstiehl.com/
Von Stiehl Winery, Wisconsin’s oldest licensed winery, sits along the shores of Lake Michigan in the City of Algoma in Kewaunee County. Located slightly north of the winery, the winery’s vineyard, Stony Creek, is the oldest in Door County.


Chateau St. Croix Winery: https://www.chateaustcroix.com/
Chateau St. Croix Winery, a winery nestled in the incredible views of the St. Croix River Valley, creates an image of a beautiful French Chateau. The rolling hills of the Chateau St. Croix vineyard, art gallery, the formal garden, and carriage house offer visitors a wonderful experience.


Bailey’s Run Vineyard & Winery: https://www.baileysrunvineyard.com/
Bailey’s Run Vineyard & Winery, the newest winery of the four iconic wineries, challenges all Wisconsin wineries for the most stunning views.
Bailey’s Run is located in beautiful New Glarus, Wisconsin.


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