Work Hard, Play Hard: Superior

Work Hard, Play Hard: Superior

Join Discover Wisconsin as we embark on an exciting journey through Superior, WI, and Douglas County - a region known for its hardworking community and stunning natural beauty.


The Twin Ports is home to Lake Superior where you will find sportsmen of all kinds traversing these wild waters on a backdrop of metal industry. The water is not only used for sport but also to make delicious beer at Earth Rider Brewing. Our host, Andrea, joins a family for beach day complete with a grill out and racing puppies. Tucked into the vast wilderness of Douglas County is the Brule River, which is a presidential fishing spot. Stop by White Winter Winery to sip on some mead after visiting Pattison Park's grand waterfall. Andrea even gets a special tour of Fraser Shipyards to see how boats are built. This visit wouldn’t be complete until we talked to the owners of Shamrock Pizza and Gronk’s, which are two family favorites in this hard-working town.


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Discover the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior, and experience the thrill of boating on its majestic waters and relaxing on its sandy beaches. Our host, Andrea, casts her line in the renowned Bois Brule River, home to trophy trout and scenic wonders.


In winter, Andrea wanders through snow-covered Amnicon Falls State Park. We explore Minnesuing Acres Resort, then grab some joe at Empire Coffee, before heading out on the snowmobile trails with local enthusiasts. Our day concludes with a stop for delicious food at a classic supper, Dreamland Supper Club.


Superior locals understand the work-play balance, so we visit Earth Rider Brewery, a favorite brewery known for its flavorful ales and live music. Andrea meets up with a local outdoors-women for a bike on the trails and a paddle down the river. Then we refuel at Shamrock Bar and Pizza, a Wisconsin gem.


The adventure continues! We explore the White Winter Winery, crafting exquisite fruit wines and meads, and then make our way to Gronk's Bar, home to upside-down burgers and a unique tap system. Finally, we immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of Pattison State Park.


Join us for an unforgettable adventure in Superior and Douglas County, where life's greatest joys are found in the simple pleasures of good food, great friends, and the great outdoors.


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