/ Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Fishing Destination

Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Fishing Destination

When you think of Wisconsin Dells what comes to mind? Resorts, waterparks, go-karts…fishing? Though probably not mentioned as Wisconsin’s top fishing spot, I have to argue that the section of the Wisconsin River located in Wisconsin Dells is by far the most beautiful fishing destination in the state.
Made famous by photographer H.H. Bennett in the late 1800s, Wisconsin Dells is a natural gem that has literally stood the test of time.
I have been fishing this area with my dad since I was a kid and every time I head out on the river, I have to sit back and be thankful that places like this exist. To me, fishing the Wisconsin River is so much more than trying to hook a trophy walleye or musky. It is about the experience of being surrounded by ancient sandstone cliffs, tall pine trees and dark rushing water.

Wisconsin River boat launch on Indiana Avenue

Wisconsin River boat launch on Indiana Avenue.

My most recent fishing outing occurred on a chilly October morning. My dad and I set out on the river around 8 a.m. There’s a boat launch on Indiana Avenue that gives you quick access to the unforgettable Upper Dells. We motored around in our 60-year-old boat on the calm, glass-like waters seeking our “super secret” fishing spots. Within no time we were reeling in giant catfish, walleye and small mouth bass. It felt great to be out on the water taking in the cool autumn air. All in all, it was a great day for fishing.
The thing about fishing the Wisconsin River in the Dells is that catching the big one is just the icing on the cake. Take a second to look around and take in the undeniably gorgeous river scenery. It’s an experience more people should see for themselves.

March 1st – May 31st
September 1st – November 30th
Interested in photography, or who made Wisconsin Dells famous? Visit the H.H. Bennett Studio.
Don’t have a way to navigate the Wisconsin River? Take an Upper Dells Boat Tour.

AJ Marz is a producer and cinematographer for Discover Wisconsin and an avid outdoorsman. When not behind a camera or producing a segment of Discover Wisconsin, you can find AJ climbing the bluffs of Baraboo, catching walleye on the Wisconsin River, or discovering peace in nature.

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  1. iI have to say, out of all the destinations I've fished in Wisconsinm, I liked Chippewa Flowage the best. Muskie, Northern, Bass were excelent along with camping on our own island for a week free!

  2. Do you guys have any recommendations for a family of eight. We all LOVE to fish and wanted to get a boat to do just that. What river would be get great success at? We will be there the first week in June. Please Help!!

  3. What about fishing there in July?????? I see the summer months are missing from "the best times to fish"
    Why is that?

  4. Wow seems like a wonderful destination, and pictures surely show that it would be a great fishing spot. Makes me eager to escape the city, hop on a ride and get there for some calm and peace.

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