10 Reasons to Love the Madison Area

2018 Season - Episode 7

Quirky. Vibrant. Geek chic. Madison is so many things: A foodie’s dream, a bicyclist’s paradise…there are a million reasons why Madison is regarded as one of the best cities to work, play and live. Hosts Mariah Haberman and Jake Zimmermann explore iconic spots and uncover the hidden sides of Wisconsin’s capital city.

Situated amidst a number of lakes, Madison boasts the best of both worlds: It’s a vibrant city filled with local sounds and homemade flavors with gorgeous lake views around every turn. Miles of bike trails wind their way from downtown Madison to outside the city limits, where there is no shortage of historic landmarks and state parks to explore. And wherever you go in the Madison area, you’re sure to breathe in a whole lot of what the locals dub: “Bucky Pride.”

Grab your bike helmet, bring an appetite and get ready to “Jump Around.” We’re discovering 10 reasons why Madison is one of the coolest cities in America!


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