2021 Season - Episode 4

The city of Janesville is aptly known as Wisconsin’s Great Outside. Adventure, culture, accessibility, and over 26 hundred acres of parkland make Janesville the perfect destination for families of all shapes and sizes. In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, we follow four families through four seasons of fun in Janesville.

We kick off our trip to Janesville at the city’s largest park: Rockport Park. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy a day out with friends and family, and birders love it for trails and variety of natural bird habitats. Next, we take a walk through downtown Janesville to experience the beautiful – and gigantic! – array of public art on display. After that, Marie and her kids get to try out some of Janesville’s more unique recreation opportunities with footgolf and pickleball! Finally, we visit two of Janesville’s iconic family farms – Skelly’s Market and Daluge Farm.

No matter what your family looks like, and no matter the season, Janesville is the perfect Southern Wisconsin destination!


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