Just Off Main Street

2019 Season - Episode 5

A community’s Main Street is the beating heart of its town. It’s the city’s center, it’s full of history, and it’s a gathering spot for residents and visitors alike. In Wisconsin, Main Street communities are known for being friendly, charming and authentic, with unique personalities that set them apart from one another. And sometimes, the best adventures to be had are found ‘Just off Main Street.’ In this episode of Discover Wisconsin, we explore the communities of Osceola, Florence, Whitewater and Omro. Hosts Mariah Haberman and Marie Justice step off the beaten path to discover the beauty, history, and fun that these Main Street communities offer visitors. From a Scenic National Riverway, to remote waterfalls of the Northwoods, there are so many things that will surprise you about these places – and they’re just down the road!

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Osceola Itinerary

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  • Osceola
  • Florence County
  • Whitewater
  • Omro

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