Know Your Wisconsin: Beckman Hill, The Confluence of Nature and History

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Six miles west of Beloit, a historic landmark, the Beckman Mill, has been restored to its previous grandeur. The restoration was completed in 1997 by the Friends of Beckman Mill Volunteer Work Crew. It includes a 19th Century gristmill that is once again in operational condition, grinding corn and giving visitors to the park a glimpse of Wisconsin’s rural history. The Mill’s power is supplied by the original water-driven level turbine, which dates back to 1860. “The rural part of the history wasn’t always told, well now we have a way of doing that,” said Marty Densch, a member of the Friends of Beckman Mill. “We have an example to show people. It’s the entire experience. It’s the trees, the blue sky, the blue water, and that sound, that ever-present sound of the water rushing over the dam. It’s sort of the confluence of nature and history.”


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