Know Your Wisconsin: Cedar Grove Cheese, Everything is in Harmony

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Established over 100 years ago, Cedar Grove Cheese Factory has a traditional approach for creating Wisconsin cheese. They utilize locally-farmed, high-quality milk, and small-scale production. However, when it comes to environmental sustainability and keeping the neighborhood clean, Cedar Grove has stepped up and created what’s known as the Living Machine. Bob Wills explains, “We have 8,000 gallons of water a day that we need to get cleaned up, and the Living Machine speeds up what nature would do to clean water. These plants take about 15 percent of the nutrients out of the water. We have microbes that live in the water, and the plants clean up the residual milk and whey and wash water from the cleaning processes in the plant. It takes about three days to pass through the Living Machine, at which point, it’s clean enough we can discharge it to the creek here.” The effects of this process are on full display at Cedar Grove Cheese Factory, with beautiful flowers, fresh vegetables, and thriving fish.


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