Know Your Wisconsin: WisconsinEye

Air Date: 05/07/2021 -

In today’s world, there is a strong desire for unfiltered, unbiased, and nonpartisan media coverage, which is exactly the goal of the WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network. It is the nation’s first and only independent, non-government funded, State Capitol broadcast organization. Jon Henkes, President & CEO of WisconsinEye, describes it as, “Wisconsin’s version of CSPAN.” They are a non-profit that provides full coverage of what happens inside the Wisconsin State Capitol building.

To date, they have broadcasted over 14,000 hours of civic programming from the Capitol building thanks to their robotically controlled cameras and network of fiber optic cables in the basement of the Capitol. This programming is valuable for Wisconsinites as it provides the full scope of what’s going on in our state government beyond a news clip.

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