Rooted in Wausau – International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival

2018 Season - Episode 15

Sure, Wisconsin is known for its cheese, brats and beer, but there’s another crop growing in the central part of our state that puts Wisconsin on the worldwide stage: ginseng. This little root packs quite a powerful punch when it comes to health benefits, and consumers around the world, particularly throughout Asia, are crazy for Wisconsin-grown ginseng!

Marathon County exports 95% of U.S. ginseng, and it has become such a significant part of the economy in central Wisconsin that Wausau hosts the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival every year. Visitors from all over the world flock to downtown Wausau to celebrate ginseng and its many uses. Hosts Mariah Haberman and Eric Paulsen dive into the festivities, learning about the culture, history and traditions associated with ginseng, as well as indulging in dozens of ginseng-infused treats. Learn about one of Wisconsin’s most important agricultural products – and all the fun that comes with it! – at the International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival!


  • Wausau

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