Know Your Wisconsin: Sendik’s Home

Air Date: 12/12/2020 -

The Milwaukee area is home to a plethora of amazing food and shopping scenes that could keep you busy all weekend long. But if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop of home goods, fashion, florals, gifts, a decadent food market, an indoor bar and barista counter, we’ve got you covered. You can find all this and more at Sendik’s Food Market at the Corners of Brookfield. They stock both floors of their market with fabulous Wisconsin products that you can cherish in your home, and in your stomachs. At any time throughout the week you can have a seat to enjoy a glass of wine or coffee drink. However, if you plan your shopping trip on a Friday, you’ll notice a popular Wisconsin tradition in full force: a fish fry buffet! Pro tip: if you head to the butcher’s counter, they will grill the meat of your choice while you wait. These are just some of the reasons Sendik’s at the Corners of Brookfield is more than just a simple trip to the grocery store.


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