2019 Season - Episode 12

Sparta is well known in Wisconsin for being a bicycling hub. It’s located at the junction of the Elroy-Sparta and La Crosse River bike trails, and it’s also home to the first rail-bed to be converted into a bike trail. If you stop and stay a while, however, you’ll quickly see that there is so much more to learn and explore in Sparta. In this episode, hosts Mariah Haberman and Collin Geraghty get off the bike path to experience the many places, events and activities that visitors can take advantage of. From concrete art, to covered bridges, to giant fiberglass sculptures, Sparta has surprises in store around every corner. Local businesses like Mathews Archery and McPherson Guitar take craftsmanship and innovation to another level. Community events like Butterfest and the Holiday Kriskindlmarkt bring people together. Gorgeous land and water trails offer countless opportunities for outdoor recreation. In some ways it’s classic small-town Wisconsin, and in other ways it will totally surprise you. See for yourself how much more there is to discover in Sparta!


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