2020 Season - Episode 10

From the scenic natural areas of Whitewater and Rice Lakes, to the nearby Kettle Moraine State Forest with countless trails, this city is full of outdoor activity to explore.  And the downtown has a ton of history and classic spots that will keep you coming back. But the life-blood of this city is truly the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater; Mariah checks out campus and gets a sideline seat to a Warhawk game.


What you might not know about Whitewater is that it once held the Morris Pratt Institute, a school for the study of spiritualism, at the center of the city. It attracted all kinds of attention, and brought a lot mysterious, spooky stories for years, even after it moved in the 1940s. This city continues to have strange occurrences and sightings, which you might be able to witness for yourself during the annual Spirit Tour around town that Eric gets involved in. Whitewater is also the only place in the state you can hang glide, which means we got Mariah up in the air and flying over the area for some incredible views.


So come fly with us, as we soar into Whitewater.


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