Wisconsin Dells – Come to Play, Stay to Play

2017 Season - Episode 15

Wisconsin Dells is one of the state’s most popular year-round vacation destinations, but it’s also a hotspot for sporting events in Wisconsin. In this episode we explore some of the ways that sports teams and their families can have fun both on and off the court in Wisconsin Dells. When it’s game-time, JustAgame Fieldhouse is the place to be for basketball and volleyball teams of all ages. And after the game, we discover the history and beauty of Wisconsin Dells’ original waterpark – the Dells of the Wisconsin River. Dells Boat Tours and the Original Wisconsin Duck Tour offer a variety of tours that give passengers a fun and educational way to experience the Dells. And when it comes to a place to stay, we head to the ultimate one-stop shop for sports teams and their families – The Wilderness Resort. Whether you’re looking for family fun, or some team building and bonding, Wisconsin Dells has it all!


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