Wisconsin’s Architectural Journey- The Frank Lloyd Wright Trail

2018 Season - Episode 2

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the world’s most celebrated architects, and he spent much of his life living and working in Wisconsin. Established in 2016, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail takes visitors along a self-guided driving tour to nine stops across southern Wisconsin tracing Wright’s steps from his birthplace to some of his most famous buildings.

Mariah kicks things off in Racine at SC Johnson’s world headquarters before heading to Wingspread, one of the largest prairie-style homes Wright ever designed.

Jake picks up the trail in Madison, where he explores the Monona Terrace, a building Wright originally designed in the 1930s, and the First Unitarian Society Meeting House, a building with a very personal connection to the famous architect.

The DW crew then follows the trail to Spring Green, a place Wright called home for many years, and Mariah and Jake meet some of the people who have dedicated their lives to preserving Wright’s architectural legacy.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Klett, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, visits Taliesin, Wright’s very own estate, where she hears the stories of those who knew Frank Lloyd Wright personally. Don’t miss this incredible journey on the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail!


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