Know Your Wisconsin: Wisconsin’s First Domed School

Air Date: 07/25/2020 -

In need of an updated schooling space for their fifth through twelfth-grade students, leaders with the Johnson Creek School District opted for a domed design – an approach thought to be safer and more sustainable. The school’s unique layout consists of five interconnected Monolithic Domes, the first of its kind in Wisconsin and the second full-dome school in the Midwest. Three domes are 140 feet in diameter, while the other two are 160 feet in diameter. Adding to the efficiency and flexibility of the dome-style classrooms, the interior walls can be rearranged and moved to work with each learning space. The spherical structures ultimately cost 20 percent less than building a traditional school. The city hopes that the benefits of a safer, more sound structure along with better energy efficiency, will help the district from an operational cost standpoint well into the future.


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