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2020 Season - Episode 6

Wisconsin has deep history, and there are so many cities that have put a lot of work in preserving the story of their community. In this episode, Mariah tours the downtowns of Burlington, Plymouth, Ashland and Waukesha to learn how each continues to keep their past alive, and remind us why that is so important.

As one of the older towns in state, Burlington has a Historic Walking Tour that takes you on a journey through time, and tells of the people that influenced the changes that make Burlington what it is today. The city had prominent abolitionists, as it was in Burlington that the Underground Railroad once passed through here in Wisconsin.

Being the Cheese Capital of Wisconsin,┬áPlymouth is rich with cheese history. The amount of cheese production that happens in this part of the state is incredible compared to anywhere else. And it’s clear that they passionately embrace their cheese heritage, with murals throughout their downtown reflecting the stories of how Plymouth came to be.

In the far north is Ashland, the Historical Mural Capital of Wisconsin. Local artists work with the community to get historical photos and their stories from Ashland’s past to create all of the murals you’ll see in a short walk through the downtown. A fun way to take this tour is by their hometown trolley, which really gives you a chance to see all of the murals in one outing.

Lastly is Wisconsin’s own GuitarTown, Waukesha. This is where Les Paul was born, and this is where he wanted to be buried, as this city had a big impact on his life and career. They celebrate this history here with an exhibit at the Waukesha County Museum dedicated to the legendary musician, as well as with statues and murals throughout the town portraying just how musical and artistic Waukesha has come to be.

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