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America’s Dairyland

America’s Dairyland

Each year, Discover Wisconsin takes a special look at Wisconsin’s most important and largest industry, the dairy industry. Our Discover Wisconsin - America’s Dairyland series identifies the dairy industry as a key component of what makes Wisconsin great. Whether profiling career options for today’s youth, showcasing culinary professionals who depend on Wisconsin cheese, or telling you where to find all of the great Wisconsin tastes and great Wisconsin events, there’s no place like America’s Dairyland!

More information about Quest for the Best Cheeseburger – America’s Dairyland

More information about America’s Dairyland

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America’s Dairyland

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  • Dining Guide – Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dairy Bars Learn

    Guide to the restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dairy Bars.

    Learn more about Dining Guide – Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dairy Bars
  • Cheese & Burger Society Learn

    The Cheese & Burger Society is proud to present a cheeseburger buffet that stretches across the nation. These burgers, made with Wisconsin cheese, of course, represent the deliciously unique flavors found in some of our country’s great cities.

    Learn more about Cheese & Burger Society
  • Dining Guide – Quest for the Best Cheeseburger Learn

    Guide to the restaurants featured on Quest for the Best Cheeseburger.

    Learn more about Dining Guide – Quest for the Best Cheeseburger
  • Rural Youth Scholarship – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    CALS recognizes that affordability is a challenge for rural youth. As tuition increases and the availability of financial assistance becomes more limited, CALS and the UW Foundation have created the Wisconsin Rural Youth Scholarship Fund to address this challenge. The fund will help rural youth become leaders in fields that are central to their communities: food and agriculture, health, energy and the environment.

    Learn more about Rural Youth Scholarship – Dairy Heiresses
  • Farm Bureau Women’s Program – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    The Farm Bureau women’s program provides opportunities for women to become involved in the total Farm Bureau program. Farm Bureau provides women in agriculture a voice on local, state and national issues to improve the financial well-being and quality of life for farmers and ranchers.

    Learn more about Farm Bureau Women’s Program – Dairy Heiresses
  • Heart of the Farm Women’s Program – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    The Heart of the Farm – Women in Agriculture Conference Series and Annie’s Project address the needs of farm women by providing education on pertinent topics, connecting them with agricultural resources, and creating support networks. Heart of the Farm offers one-day conferences, training programs, networking, hands-on workshops, programming on business planning, farm management, human resources and more.

    Learn more about Heart of the Farm Women’s Program – Dairy Heiresses
  • Farm Report with Pam Jahnke – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    Since starting with one AM station in 1990, Pam Jahnke has expanded her voice for agriculture and food production to cover the state with Farm Reports, her daily agribusiness radio updates. She’s also a daily participant in the morning and noon shows on WISC-TV in Madison.

    Learn more about Farm Report with Pam Jahnke – Dairy Heiresses
  • Kelley Country Creamery – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    Kelley Country Creamery’s old-fashioned premium ice cream is crafted in our new Creamery on our dairy farmstead that has been part of the Kelley family since 1861. The Kelley family has been churning homemade ice cream as a treat for generations, and now we are finally sharing our passion for great ice cream with other ice cream lovers like you. We use the farm-fresh, non-homogenized milk from our cows and carefully craft it with the recipes I have perfected, combine it with top quality local ingredients, and of course, Kelley TLC, to create premium ice cream that truly tastes homemade.

    Learn more about Kelley Country Creamery – Dairy Heiresses
  • Larry’s Market – Dairy Heiresses See

    Where do savvy Wisconsinites go for outstanding catering, exquisite gift baskets, and delectable dessert trays? They go to Larry’s Market, Milwaukee’s original specialty food shop, where the only limit on what’s possible is the boundary of their imagination. (And they’ve got some wild imaginations!)

    Learn more about Larry’s Market – Dairy Heiresses
  • Savory Spoon Cooking School – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    The Savory Spoon Cooking School is a seasonal school open from June through October each year. Whether you are planning a special event or just need to learn the basics, you will expand your repertoire of techniques and recipes in the exciting hands on classes.

    Learn more about Savory Spoon Cooking School – Dairy Heiresses
  • Sheila McGuirk – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    Sheila McGuirk, a professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, is an expert on integrating diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative strategies and tools into dairy herds to improve health, welfare and productivity.

    Learn more about Sheila McGuirk – Dairy Heiresses
  • Tera’s Whey™ – Dairy Heiresses Learn

    Tera’s Whey™ protein products are sold at natural food stores, pharmacies, online and via medical channels throughout the United States. The unique whey protein in Tera’s Whey™ is sourced from small, sustainable family farms and specialty cheese plants in Wisconsin. It is processed in the company’s own green manufacturing facility, incorporating passive solar design elements, rain gardens, and recycled heat and water.

    Learn more about Tera’s Whey™ – Dairy Heiresses
  • Order your FREE Traveler’s Guide to America’s Dairyland! Learn

    Are you looking for a fun day trip or weekend trip in Wisconsin? Use the link below and fill out the request form to have the Traveler’s Guide to America’s Dairyland cheese map sent to you. This colorful fold-out map lists Wisconsin cheese plant tours and cheese retail locations around the state. The map also includes contact information, cheese tour and retail store hours along with some interesting fun facts about the Wisconsin dairy industry.

    Learn more about Order your FREE Traveler’s Guide to America’s Dairyland!
  • Why Wisconsin? Learn

    Have you ever wondered why Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland? In this episode of Discover Wisconsin – America’s Dairyland, we look at how the state has become synonymous with dairy, fine cheese and the most sophisticated dairy infrastructure in the nation. We’re helping you discover Wisconsin’s rich dairy history, and how cheesemaking began in Wisconsin.

    Learn more about Why Wisconsin?
  • Wisconsin Cheese Learn

    When it comes to producing delicious, award-winning Wisconsin Cheese and other farm-fresh dairy products, there’s no place like Wisconsin. Our dairy heritage, culture and pride run deep, and our traditions of cheesemaking and dairy manufacturing are second to none. Meet our Wisconsin cheesemakers and discover the unique artisanal cheeses and dairy products made in Wisconsin.

    Learn more about Wisconsin Cheese
  • Discovery Farms Program Learn

    The Working Lands Initiative is an excellent program that aids farmers and dairy producers, helping them work together to protect our land and water resources. What is the Discovery Farms Program? Participants are real working Wisconsin farms in different geographic areas, facing different environmental challenges. The Discovery Farms Program takes a real-world approach to finding the most economical solutions to overcoming the challenges environmental regulations placed on farmers.

    Learn more about Discovery Farms Program
  • Wisconsin Artisan Cheeses Learn

    Wisconsin’s reputation as a leader in cheesemaking innovation and artistry is strikingly apparent in the growth of new specialty and artisan cheeses. Meet Wisconsin artisan cheesemakers and learn about their families’ cheesemaking history.

    Learn more about Wisconsin Artisan Cheeses
  • Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers Learn

    The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® Program has created a new tradition of excellence and innovation in the United States. The rigorous advanced training is the only one of its kind outside Europe. Learn more about the Masters and the cheese varieties for which each is certified.

    Learn more about Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers
  • Wisconsin Cheese of the Month Learn

    Wisconsin – land of so many cheeses and so little time! With more than 600 varieties, types and styles of delicious cheese available, it’s no wonder that many Wisconsin residents have sampled only a few. Learn more about a new variety each month.

    Learn more about Wisconsin Cheese of the Month
  • Cheese Variety Guide Learn

    Do you love cheese but you’re not familiar with a particular cheese variety? Do you like trying new cheeses? Refer to this handy guide for more than 33 popular cheese varieties from Wisconsin. Contains cheese descriptions, cheese storage guidelines, buying tips, handling and cooking guidelines and tips on serving a Wisconsin Cheese Course.

    Learn more about Cheese Variety Guide
  • Great Recipes from WMMB Learn

    Do you love cheese but you’re not familiar with a particular cheese variety? Do you like trying new cheeses? Refer to this handy guide for more than 33 popular cheese varieties from Wisconsin. Contains cheese descriptions, cheese storage guidelines, buying tips, handling and cooking guidelines and tips on serving a Wisconsin Cheese Course.

    Learn more about Great Recipes from WMMB
  • The Edgewater Hotel Stay

    Here at the Edgewater hotel we offer a wide range of accommodations ranging from single and double lake-view rooms to two bedroom suites. The Edgewater is also the best place to eat and entertain. The elegant Admiralty Dining Room has an exquisite fresh menu and sunset views that are unexcelled.

    Learn more about The Edgewater Hotel
  • Lake Orchard Farm Bed & Breakfast – Agri-Tourism Stay

    This sixth generation farm is your perfect couple’s retreat. The historical, picturesque setting will put your mind and body at ease. With opportunities for recreation on site and nearby, you can reconnect and recharge however you see fit. Located near Sheboygan, Wisconsin, this operating farm has rolling fields, natural woods, fruit orchards and access to Lake Michigan.

    Learn more about Lake Orchard Farm Bed & Breakfast – Agri-Tourism
  • Central Wisconsin Tourism Association See

    Welcome to Central Wisconsin, the heart of the state! Our convenient location is only the beginning of a long list of reasons to plan your next trip to Marshfield, Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids.

    Learn more about Central Wisconsin Tourism Association
  • Seymour, WI – Home of the Hamburger See

    Seymour, Wisconsin: The “Home of the Hamburger” is an idyllic community of about 3,000 located in the heart of dairy country 15 miles west of Green Bay. Burger Fest started in 1989 to celebrate the birth of the burger in Seymour in 1885. On August 4, 2001 an 8,266 pound burger was cooked up on the mammoth “Charlie Grill.” You are cordially invited to Seymour to help us commemorate the “Birth of the Burger.”

    Learn more about Seymour, WI – Home of the Hamburger
  • LotFotL Community Farm – Agri-Tourism See

    LotFotL is an acronym, standing for Living off the Fat of the Land. To “live off the fat of the land” is to bask in your role in a system which feeds you so long as you feed it. LotFotL strives to apply systematic thinking to the farm, treating the land like the vast and complex space that it is.

    Learn more about LotFotL Community Farm – Agri-Tourism
  • Braise – Agri-Tourism See

    Braise is a family of companies including Braise RSA, Braise Culinary School and Braise Home Delivery. Braise connects eaters and chefs with local farmers and purveyors through cooking classes, dining events and a unique local food delivery program.

    Learn more about Braise – Agri-Tourism
  • Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy – Agri-Tourism See

    Learn all about the Wisconsin dairy industry at Door County’s largest dairy farm by experiencing it first-hand. Take everyone on a free, working dairy tour. Watch the ongoing milking operations, milk “Cookie” the cow and then taste the end result – 30 flavors of homemade ice cream in the Dairy View Country Store Ice Cream Parlor.

    Learn more about Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy – Agri-Tourism
  • Fondue Fest – Agri-Tourism See

    The Fond du Lac Fondue Fest is a free family festival celebrating community and the world’s largest fondue pot.

    Learn more about Fondue Fest – Agri-Tourism
  • Green County Barn Quilts – Agri-Tourism See

    If you know anything about visiting Green County, you expect to enjoy slices cut from blocks of tasty cheese. Something else you can also enjoy is a slice of Americana – expressed in quilt blocks displayed on historic barns nestled in the rolling hills of the area.

    Learn more about Green County Barn Quilts – Agri-Tourism
  • Green County Cheese Days – Agri-Tourism See

    Green County Cheese Days is the oldest food fest in the Midwest, honoring cheesemaking, dairy farming, and Swiss heritage. Since 1914, Monroe’s Historic Courthouse Square has served as the scenic backdrop to the festival grounds, and the celebration attracts crowds of revelers ready to yodel, polka, and consume cheese by the truckload. Highlights of the weekend include entertainment stages, street dances, old time cheesemaking demonstrations, parades, dairy farm tours, cheese tent, and cheese sampling.

    Learn more about Green County Cheese Days – Agri-Tourism
  • Meuer Farm – Agri-Tourism See

    The Meuer Farm is a 180 acre, beef cow/calf farm, strawberry farm and corn maze offering many activities. From strawberry picking to maple syrup production to hayrides, there is something for every one to make your trip an enjoyable adventure.

    Learn more about Meuer Farm – Agri-Tourism
  • Old World Wisconsin See

    Relive the spirit of America’s heartland at Old World Wisconsin — a vivid re-creation of the working farmsteads and settlements established by European immigrants in America’s heartland. Discover teams of oxen and horses working in the fields, the farm folk preparing hearty meals over wood-burning stoves, and the heirloom plants in well-tended gardens. Stroll through the Crossroads Village and watch the town blacksmith work over the white-hot fire or chat with the keeper of the general store. Over 50 restored buildings on nearly 600 acres.

    Learn more about Old World Wisconsin
  • Tour of America’s Dairyland – Agri-Tourism See

    Tour of America’s Dairyland is a pro-am bicycling series across 11 Wisconsin communities that benefits family-owned Wisconsin dairy farms, cyclists of all abilities, and the entire state of Wisconsin.

    Learn more about Tour of America’s Dairyland – Agri-Tourism
  • Union Star Cheese – Agri-Tourism See

    As one of the few privately owned and operated small cheese factories in Wisconsin, Union Star’s tradition of excellence stands alone. Each and every small batch of handcrafted cheese is a unique work of art – prized for distinctive richness, flavor, texture, and aroma. Union Star offers tours every morning except Sundays.

    Learn more about Union Star Cheese – Agri-Tourism
  • Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Destinations See

    A directory of all the great agri-tourism destination Wisconsin has to offer.

    Learn more about Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Destinations
  • Capital Tap Haus Eat

    Today The Capital Tap Haus brings the tradition of turn of the century beer hall to the upper State Street/Capital square neighborhood and proudly features Capital Brewery beers, “America #1 rated brewery!”

    Learn more about Capital Tap Haus
  • Ardy & Ed’s Drive In Eat

    Enjoy a real blast from the past in this unique and authentic 1950′s Drive-In Restaurant, with food served the way it used to be. Roller Skating Car Hops rock ‘n roll your order to your car or to one of our pleasant outdoor picnic tables, while your favorite 50′s & 60′s tunes play in the background.

    Learn more about Ardy & Ed’s Drive In
  • Culver’s Eat

    In 1984 Craig and Lea Culver, along with Craig’s parents George and Ruth, opened the very first Culver’s in the family’s beloved hometown of Sauk City, Wisconsin.

    Culver’s serves fresh food, always cooked to order, with genuine family values to each and every guest. Signature items include the ButterBurger®, made from fresh, never frozen Midwest-raised beef, and Fresh Frozen Custard, including the famous Flavor of the Day program.

    Learn more about Culver’s
  • Kroll’s West Eat

    Kroll’s West is a family-owned restaurant that has prospered for over 70 years in the Green Bay area. Nestled in the perfect location across from Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, it is itself a landmark, known both nationally and internationally. Kroll’s invites you to discover more about the great tradition and many famous visitors who have graced their tables and enjoyed their food.

    Learn more about Kroll’s West
  • Titletown Brewing Company Eat

    Green Bay restaurant and microbrewery housed in a former train depot, Titletown Brewing is also well know for the Packers wide receiver statue in front of the building.

    Learn more about Titletown Brewing Company
  • Brewery Creek Brewpub Eat

    The Brewery Creek Brewpub is located just inside the bright red doors of the Brewery Creek Bed and Breakfast Inn. Seating about 40, the brewpub is an intimate place to enjoy delicious food.

    Learn more about Brewery Creek Brewpub
  • Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry Eat

    Located in Madison, Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry is home to award-winning hamburgers. Dotty’s serves only gourmet fast food, made with the freshest available ingredients. It offers a great menu of tasty lunch and dinner items as well as a selection of 25 beers on tap.

    Learn more about Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry
  • Milwaukee Burger Company Eat

    At Milwaukee Burger Co. in Eau Clair, quality come first. Come in, roll up your sleeves, and enjoy a fresh burger on a fresh baked bun with piping hot fresh cut french fries!

    Learn more about Milwaukee Burger Company
  • Graze Eat

    The idea for Graze came from Chef Tory’s love of comfort foods. Inspired by the New York gastropub scene, the menus feature a range of classics executed on a higher level than traditional pub food. There’s always a variety of dishes and small plates to choose from – the kind of stuff chefs and foodies love to eat.

    Learn more about Graze
  • Sobelman’s Pub & Grill Eat

    Milwaukee’s best burgers! Using fresh Black Angus beef patties on freshly baked country butter rolls baked exclusively for Sobelman’s, each burger patty is positioned just right on its soft, golden bun. Then, from flavorful onions to jalapeños to bacon, cheese and other top-quality ingredients, each item is carefully placed (or melted) perfectly on the burgers and sandwiches to make yours incredibly eye pleasing and mouth watering.

    Learn more about Sobelman’s Pub & Grill
  • Elsa’s on the Park Eat

    Elsa’s on the Park is a long-standing favorite of Milwaukee restaurant goers. Elsa’s is located directly across the street from Cathedral Square Park and offers a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, deserts, drinks and more.

    Learn more about Elsa’s on the Park
  • Wausau Mine Company Eat

    Wausau Mine Company’s promise is to serve the best product in a friendly manner to ensure you are satisfied! And you can enjoy your meal in a mine shaft atmosphere so you feel like you are on an adventure deep in the heart of a gold mine.

    Learn more about Wausau Mine Company
  • Minocqua Brewing Company Eat

    Nestled in the heart of Northern Wisconsin’s lake country, the Minocqua Brewing Company is housed in an historic landmark building located on the island city’s north shore. The brewery produces seven kinds of ales and lagers. The bar features a fine selection of wines, and cocktails, along with the skillfully crafted signature beer selections. The brewery’s restaurant offers an interesting assortment of appetizers, sandwiches, soups, and salads with a gourmet twist.

    Learn more about Minocqua Brewing Company
  • Soft Pines Resort Eat

    Located in Solon Springs, Wisconsin, Soft Pines Resort serves up 41 delicious gourmet burgers! Come for the burgers and stay for the weekend in one of the fine cabins on beautiful Lake St. Croix.

    Learn more about Soft Pines Resort
  • Rudy’s Drive-In Eat

    Rudy’s has been a familiar summer tradition for over 69 years. Let the good times roll at Rudy’s Drive-In in La Crosse and Sparta!

    Learn more about Rudy’s Drive-In
  • Soda Pops Eat

    Soda Pops is one of the oldest operating soda fountains in the state. Step back in time with the original soda fountain, and a step forward in time with the “new concept” quick casual restaurant.

    Learn more about Soda Pops
  • West’s Hayward Dairy Eat

    Since 1951, West’s Dairy has been crafting premium ice cream in small batches using only the very best ingredients. The careful selection of flavors, nuts, fruits, cookies and candies give West’s ice cream a unique touch you won’t find anywhere else.

    Learn more about West’s Hayward Dairy
  • Delta Diner Eat

    Delta Diner near Iron River, Wisconsin offers a classic American roadside diner restaurant experience in a completely rebuilt 1940 Silk City Diner set in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. While the experience is truly DINER, “the menu is eclectic … whatever that means!!”

    Learn more about Delta Diner
  • Leon’s Frozen Custard Eat

    Leon’s Frozen Custard has been a Milwaukee landmark, family owned and operated since 1942. Open all year with carry-out service and featuring the World’s Finest Frozen Custard as well as hot sandwiches and soft drinks. People travel from great distances to enjoy this favorite Midwestern treat.

    Learn more about Leon’s Frozen Custard
  • Norske Nook Eat

    Since 1973, this restaurant, bakery, and gift shop has provided western Wisconsin with “tastes like grandma’s” cooking and “feels like home” service that’s so good there are now locations in Osseo, Hayward, Rice Lake, and Eau Claire.

    Learn more about Norske Nook